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60 Days English Course: Week 1 Report Card

Published on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Hey readers and followers
Here we present you the weekly report of our 60 Days Basic to Advanced English Course. As per the schedule of the course, we will help you to learn the language with the help of rules. But 60-days
does not mean that we are going to end the course in just 2 months, it means we are going to cover the syllabus according to the pace of students and analyse their growth and solve their problems and doubts.Only the topics are divided into days not the lectures and worksheets. Thus we are working very patiently on this course and in this week, we have accomplished the following things:

Day 1: An Introductiondf

Here students answered 5 basic questions that we asked them about the problems they face while studying English language. We reviewed their answers.

Day 2: Nouns and Its Types

We first provided them with a video lecture on Noun and Its types, rules of Nouns for error spotting. A worksheet was given with the video lecture that students were supposed to solve. Being a new learner they find some difficulty in solving the worksheet so we made a video lecture with solution of the worksheet.

Day 3: Pronouns and Its Types

We made a video on Pronoun and its types. We have also given a worksheet. Students are expected to solve the worksheet and then we will move to the next video which is "Error Spotting Rules Related to Pronouns"

Whatsapp Group Discussion

We believe in interacting with students. Thus we have made a WhatsApp group where we give them random tips and words to learn. Also, they raise their queries and they are asked to write 10 lines in English and we review them in the group.

So these are the small steps that we took towards a better learning and understanding of English Language.
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