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Descriptive English - Letter Writing Samples

Published on Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Today let us discuss regarding the descriptive English. Initially, this section is appeared only English. and RBI Grade-B officers. Later on, it was introduced in some insurance-related exams like NIACL AO.Recently IBPS PO also introduced Descriptive writing this year. Please guys don’t take it as easy. Please kill the myth that Descriptive is just a qualifying section, these are the words of our childhood. For sure Descriptive English is a deciding factor in selection.
In Descriptive one need to write an Essay and a Letter.

Types of Letters:

  • Formal Letter 
  • Informal Letter 

Formal letter: 

It is the one where you are asked to write letter for an Official like describing a problem in your area or writing to an editor of a newspaper etc.., Keep in Mind that always practices letter writing with number of words not exceeding 350 words. In the exam, you are asked to write in 300 words.
1. Practice Both formal and Informal formats because in case if the Question asked for the format which you have practised is difficult to attempt or it is a topic which you have little knowledge, then you will be in trouble. So please practice both formal and informal.
2. Allot ample time for Descriptive.
3. Make sure your letter has * Introduction *Body *Conclusion
4. For Informal letter, there is no need a “SUBJECT”.
5. Use proper salutation. Always use “Respected Sir/Mam” if you are complaining about something.
6. Appropriate use of 
*Yours Faithfully – If you are expecting some work to be done from anyone
*Yours Obediently – For a letter writing to Superiors like Principal, Teacher etc.., 
*Yours Lovingly – For informal letters i.e letters written to siblings, parents, friends etc…

Informal letter Sample

Write an informal letter to your sister describing your achievements at your college sports meet in 300 words.

(Address of sender, 
Harvest Residency, 
Andhra Pradesh-500001 
November 14, 2017/14th November 2017. 
(use either format of dates
*For informal letter there is no of need of subject.
Dear Shivani,
Hi sister, it has been long time we meet each other. How are you, Hope you are taking care of your Health. In this letter, I wish to describe my achievements at college sports meet.
It is a grand event where numerous students participated from various institutions. I participated in many events like Kabbadi, VolleyBall, Badminton and Table tennis. Am so proud to be captain of Our kabbadi team representing our college. The game was so exciting where we and our opponent team scored equally, then a buzzer ride was given to our team. So, I took the initiation and went for ride where I grabbed two points with which our team won the Inter-college kabbadi championship. I received a great applause for this and received the trophy from our chief guest for the game Mr Rahul Sri who is a great kabbadi player of our time. Next coming to badminton this was the game where I faced little disappointed because I lost the game in semi-finals with a narrow margin of two points. These are the games in which I participated on the first day of the sports meet. In the evening we had cultural events where we enjoyed a lot, Our management invited Hema Chandra and Geeta Madhuri. As you know they the current music sensation of Tollywood and also they recorded numerous songs in our Telugu movies. Even our college students joined them for a dance step beside our college management including Principal, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer also joined us and enjoyed a lot with the students.
Coming to the second day which is last day of the sports meet participated in volleyball and table tennis. Even though the first day ended with disappointment of losing badminton game, I didn’t carry it for the second day with increased energy our team won volleyball championship on the last year champions. This how I bagged some memorable events of my life through this sports meet. I feel like sharing this increases my happiness.
Hope to see you soon.
Yours lovingly, 

Formal Letter Sample

Write a letter to Road Transportation Authority requesting to build a Bus shelter at your colony in 300 words.,
Harvest Residency,
November 14, 2017.
Mr Karthik,
Managing Director- RTA,
Respected Sir,/Sir,/Respected mam,/Mam,
(Anyone of the above can be used depending on the gender)
Rakesh kumar, am a resident of sahakar nagar-lane 4. This is the letter to draw the attention of Hyderabad Road and Transportation authority towards the construction of new bus shelter for the Sahakar nagar.
As it is known that shakarnagar is the newly formed gated community which is located near the secretariat . Initially there was no stop to our gated community, but after writing letter regarding the request bus stop to our sahakarnagar with immediate response a new stop was created. People of sahakarnagar will be thankful for the immediate response from the RTA. But after creating new bus stop where there is only a sign board indicating it is a request bus stop it is creating a confusion that where the bus will be halted exactly and some drivers just slow down the bus without stopping at the request bus stop. If a permanent bus shelter is built for us then there would be proper halting for buses and even for passengers, it will be helpful for all the seasons.
Keeping the above in the view, I hope RTA-Hyderabad will initiate necessary steps towards the construction of the new bus shelter. 

Thanking You, 

Yours Faithfully, 
Rakesh Kumar. 

For descriptive writing instead of relying on some books and content of the books, You should build their own opinion and try to express it in your own words. Use books just to observe the format.

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