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English Practice Set Part- 1

Published on Sunday, November 05, 2017
English Practice Set Part- 1

Direction (1 to 3): 

Some part of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the oval [࿀] corresponding to the appropriate letter (A), (B), (C). If a Sentence is free from error, blacken the oval corresponding to (D) in the Answer Sheet.

1. The beautiful (A) / surrounding of the place (B)/ enchanted me. (C)/No error
2. No porter being available (A)/he carried (B) all his luggages himself (C) / No error (D)
3. I take great pleasure (A) / to welcome you (B) / to this institution. (C) error (D)

Directions(4 to 6): 

Sentences given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by blackening the appropriate oval ࿀] in the Answer Sheet.

4. He drove the car very fast,________,
(A) did he?
(C) didn't he?
(B) does he?
(D) was he?

5. He _________wants to succeed in life pared to work hard.
(A) whoever
(B) whom
(C) who
(D) whose

6.Its time you_________home,
(A) Go
(B) Went
(C) Come
(D) reach

Directions(7 to 8):

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word

(A) Suspen
(B) Enforce
(C) Repeal
(D) Set aside

(A) Monstrous 
(B) Dangerous
(C) Cautious
(D) Dubious

Directions( 9 to 10):

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

(A) Correct
(B) Insignificant
(C) Central
(D) Convenient

(A) Hide
(B) Reveal
(C) Disguise
(D) Pretend


Four words are given in each question, out of which only one word is spelt correctly/wrongly. Find the word spelt correctly/wrongly and mark your answer in the Answer 

11. Sheet.
(A) Precarius
(B) Preceede
(D) Preperation
(C) Premier

Direction(12 to 14):

Four alternatives are given for the underlined Idioms /Phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

12. When the Inspector entered the class some of the students shook in their shoes.
(A) stamped the ground with their shoes
(B) showed signs of anger
(C) trembled with fear
(D) stood up to salute

13. In high spirits
(A) full of hope and enthusiasm
(B) under tremendous stress
(C) under the influence of liquor
(D) mentally deranged

14. He amassed his wealth through sharp practices
(A) dishonest means
(B) illegal means
(C) intelligent decisions
(D) quick decisions

Direction(15 to 17):

A sentence/  a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part at (A), (B), (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed your answer is (D) Mark your answer in the Answer Sheet.

15. The advancements in medical science has proved to be a boon for all of us.
(A) has proven
(B) had proven
(C) have proved
(D) No improvement

16. He received many praises for his latest invention.
(A) great many praises
(B) much praise
(C) too much praise
(D) No improvement

17. Both the mother-in-laws welcomed the newlyweds with garlands of flowers.
(A) mothers-in-laws
(B) mother-in-law
(C) mothers-in-law
(D) No improvement

Direction(18 to 20):

In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence 

18. An occasion of great importance
(A) Exemplary
(B) Momentous
(C) Herculean
(D) Grandiose

19. To have a very high opinion of oneself
(A) Exaggeration 
(B) Adulation
(C) Abundance 
(D) Conceit

20. One who believes in giving equal opportunity to women in all fields 
(A) Fanatic
(B) Misogynist
(C) Philanderer 
(D) Feminist


In these question, you have two brief passages with five questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
PASSAGE-: Television can be very helpful to people who carefully choose the shows that they watch. It can increase our knowledge of the outside world. On the other hand, there are several serious disadvantages of television. In some countries, people watch the idiot- box' for an average of six hours or more a day. Many children stare at a television screen for more hours each day than they
do anything else, including studying and sleeping. Many studies show that people become more violent after watching certain programmes. The most negative effect of the television might be people's addiction to it.

21. Television can be useful to people
(A) if they become violent
(B) if they follow only a particular programme
(C) if they get addicted to it
(D) if they carefully choose the shows that they watch
22. What do children of some countries do more than studying and sleeping?
(A) playing with friends
(B) relaxing at home
(C) watching television
(D) fighting with each other
23. What do the reports of many studies reveal?
(A) People are becoming fat, always sitting in front of the TV
(B) People are neglecting their work because of TV
(C) People become more violent after watching certain programmes
(D) People are watching all the programmes.
24. Idiot-box' means
(A) a programme 
(B) a colour tube
(C) television 
(D) telephone
25.The worst effect of Television is that it
(A) affects their mind violently
(B) can be very boring
(C) makes people addicted to it
(D) is making people lazy


1. Ans. (B)
2. Ans.(C)
3. Ans.(B)

4. Ans.(C)
5. Ans.(C)
6. Ans.(B)
7. Ans.(D)
8. Ans.(B)
9. Ans.(B)
10. Ans.(B)
11. Ans.(C)
12. Ans.(C)
13. Ans.(A)
14. Ans.(A)
15. Ans.(C)
16. Ans.(B)
17. Ans.(C)
18. Ans.(B)
19. Ans.(D)
20. Ans.(D)
21. Ans.(D)
22. Ans.(C)
23. Ans.(C)
24. Ans.(C)

25. Ans.(C)
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