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GK Digest 2017 PDF

Published on Thursday, November 16, 2017
Hi Reader
Today we are providing you with the complete GK Digest of 2017. It is written in a simple and easy language to learn. The digest is compact, concise and written section-wise for quick revision.

You can read GK Digest 2017 for IBPS, SBI, NICL, RBI or any other competitive exam in India having General Awareness as a section.

Number of pages - 332
File format - PDF


  • Current Affairs summarised in form of lists
  • Static GK
  • List of Minerals and Their Largest Producing Countries
  • 10 Pros and Cons of GST's 4 Slab Tax System
  • List of Important Books Released in 2017
  • List of Ports in India With Key Facts
  • List of Popular Awards in Various Fields
  • List of Sports Stadiums in World
  • State Animals, Birds, Trees and Flowers of India (PDF Version)
  • Important Deserts of the World (PDF Version)
  • Important Ranges, Volcanoes, Deserts & Lakes in the World
  • State-wise List of Important Dams in India
  • List of Mountain Ranges In The World
  • List of Volcanos In The World
  • List of Lakes In The World
  • State-Wise List of Museums in India
  • List of First in India
  • State-wise List of Lakes in India
  • List of International Organizations and Their Headquarters
  • International Financial Organizations: Headquarters & Functions
  • Effects and Implications of GST bill
  • List of International Boundary Lines between Countries
  • List of Important Vaccines And Their Inventors
  • List of MoUs Signed by India in October 2017: Week 1
  • India's Defence Relations With Other Countries
  • Complete List of Heads of National Organisations
  • Highlights of Economic Survey 2016-17- Volume 2
  • Complete List of Important Inventions-PDF
  • Tricks to Remember International Organisations' Headquarters
  • Popular Books by Indian Politicians
  • List of Waterfalls in World With Country & Area
  • Complete List of Mountain Peaks in India
  • Railways Zones in India: Divisions & Headquarters
  • Highlights of Government Schemes in News - 2017
  • International Organizations - Headquarters, Chiefs and Purpose
  • List of Renamed Govt. Schemes, Cities, Airports & Railway Stations
  • List of UN & WHO's Goodwill Ambassadors- 2017
  • List of Appointments in 2017- PDF
  • Tricks To Learn Important Rivers in India
  • Complete List of Geographical Epithets-PDF
  • Enrolment and Implementation of GST
  • Overview of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Longest, Largest, Tallest & Highest in India
  • Brand Ambassadors of Government Schemes & Policies
  • Easy Way To Remember Currencies of Different Countries
  • List of MoUs Signed between India and other Nations (2016-17)
  • List of Tournaments and Awards in Various Sports
  • List of Important Agricultural Revolutions In India
  • MoUs Signed by India in November 2017: Week II
  • Indian Missile System and Indian Navy Ships
  • List of Sports Governing Bodies
  • Rivers in India - Length, Touching States and Facts
  • State-wise list of Crops in India
  • Awards and Honours 2017 - PDF
  • List of Parliamentary Committees in India
  • MoUs Signed by India in November 2017: Week I
  • List of Reports published by International Organizations
  • SAARC Countries List 2017
  • Joint Military Exercises of India 2017
  • List of Important Days PDF
  • List of First Women in India
  • List of Sports Cups and Trophies
  • List of MoUs Signed by India in October 2017: Week II
  • List of MoUs Signed by India in October 2017: Week III
  • Nicknames of Indian Cities - Complete List
  • India's Rankings in Different Indices 2017
  • List of MoUs Signed by India in October 2017
  • Cabinet Ministers of India [Latest List]
  • List of International Summits in 2017
  • Countries - Capital, Currency and Languages

We are working on separate Banking Awareness Digest. That will be available within 2 days.
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