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How to Prepare for General Awareness

Published on Thursday, November 23, 2017
How to Prepare for General Awareness Section

Today I would like to mention some important points regarding General awareness section. At present looking at the difficulty level of the examination General awareness is the only section where one can score confidently.
I will divide General Awareness section into three parts:

1.Static GK
2.Banking/ Financial Awareness
3.Current Affairs.
I would suggest the aspirants that follow the above order while preparing. First complete the Static GK section . Because if once you finish this section then it would become a scoring part in GA section. Next move on to Banking / Financial awareness. Again I divide this into two categories.
Here also first finish all the banking terminology because it is similar like static GK where no changes can be observed.

I can definitely say that “Bank exams today” is the best source for Banking Awareness. It is like a holy Book for Banking Awareness. Also, Follow GK Digest for static GK. Definitely, aspirants gains a lot from these two blogs (Its my personal Experience).

I also recommend to keenly observe the previous years general awareness section, because each exam has a unique pattern in framing the questions. SBI pattern is different from IBPS. Be strategical and prepare accordingly

What are to be covered in Static GK section:

  • Appointments and Resignations 
  • Awards & Honours 
  • Books 
  • Obituaries 
  • Important days 
  • National Parks and Wild life sanctuaries 
  • Committees 
  • Govt. Schemes 
  • Summits and conferences 
  • Sports 
  • Science and technology 
  • Acquisition and Mergers 
  • Budget 
  • International Organizations 
These are some of the concepts and for GA sky is the limit one should improve general awareness on regular basis.

My suggestion is always link the concepts while you study General Awareness and Banking awareness. For example in current affairs section if one read that India entered into a MOU with France, Here you need gather the surrounding points like
  • Capital Of France: Paris 
  • Currency of France: Euro 
  • PM France: Edouard Philippe 
  • President of France: Emmanuel Macron 
In this way just gather the surrounding points. For banking awareness everyone will study that nationalization of banks done in 1969 and in 1980, but in one exam they asked who was the Prime minister(in 1969 and in 1980 she was the PM of our country) at that time. Answer is Madam- Indira Gandhi. I will ask question who is the Finance minister at that time.

Banking Awareness: 

As I said “ Bank exams today” is the best source for banking awareness . Even banking the important concepts to be covered are
  • Banks’ Headquarters 
  • Banks’ Taglines 
  • CEO & MD of the Banks’ 
  • Abbreviations Related to Banking 
  • Policy rates 
  • Information regarding Currency notes (like Dimensions of the notes, Whose signature is on the note, Minting, Number of languages on a note, Which image is inscribed on the note etc…,) 

Banking Current Affairs: 

I treat this as an individual section because of increase in weight of the banking in General awareness section. Whenever the aspirant read a particular news regarding a particular bank then immediately link the above-mentioned information and memorize it.
For GK:
Book Name: Lucent’s General knowledge
For Financial/Banking Awareness:
  • Bank exams Today 
  • Gk Digest (browse Banking Section) 

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Current Affairs:

The major mistake done by many aspirants is they start preparation after confirming their prelims result. In this case the success rate is very low. Make a regular habit of reading daily current affairs and also use two reliable sources for current affairs even . I can say with 100% confidence choose Our blog (bank exams today and Gk Digest) as a source .

Please refer the previous year papers for this section so that one can find the change is question patterns. I recommend to refer 6 months of current affairs and Banking current affairs prior to main exam.

GK Digest Monthly - Download PDF

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