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Profit and Loss Quiz : 15 Questions with Solutions

Published on Monday, November 06, 2017
Profit and Loss Quiz 15 Questions with Solutions
1. A trader offers 30% discount on the marked price of an article and yet makes 10% profit. If he gains A Rs 140 by selling the article, then what is the marked price of the article ?
Rs 2400
Rs 2300
Rs 2200
Rs 2000

2. A trader marks his goods at 30% above cost but is constrained to give a discount of 30% to clear his Stock. What is his gain or loss per cent?
Gain 9%
Loss 9%
No gain, no loss
None of these

3. When the price of an article was increased by 50 per cent, the number of articles sold fell by 20 per cent. What was the effect on the sales of the shop?
20% increase
20% decrease
16 ⅔ %increase
None of these

4. A customer saves Rs 15 when a discount of 20% on the marked price is offered. Find the price at which the article is sold.
Rs 60
Rs 50
Rs 40
Rs 18

5. A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the cost price to the printed price of the book is
52: 83
72: 29
45: 56
None of these

6. If I lose 9% by selling chocolates at the rate of 15 a rupee, how many a rupee must I sell them so as to gain 5% ?

7. If a man gains 5% by selling clips at the rate of 34 a rupee, how many a rupee must he sell them so as to gain 19% ?

8. A man buys pearls for Rs 1.80 a dozen and an equal number at Rs 140 a score. He sells all of them at Rs 1.35 a dozen and thus makes a profit of Re 1. How many pearls does he buy ?

9. A man buys 5 horses and 7 oxen for Rs 5850. He sells the horses at profit of 10% and oxen at a profit of 16% and his whole gain is Rs 711. What price does he pay for a horse?
Rs 725
Rs 500
Rs 800
Rs 750

10. A shopkeeper loses 25% by selling bananas at the rate of 100 bananas for Rs 30, The cost price of one banana is
24 paise
30 paise
36 paise
40 paise

11. A shopkeeper professes to sell his goods on cost price but with the false balance, he gainsWhat does he use for a kilogram weight?
900 g
850 g

None of these

12. A man bought buttons at 4 for 9 paise and sold them at 5 for 12 paise and thus gained Rs 120. What was the number of buttons bought?
None of these

13. A merchant marks his goods at 50% above cost price.He sells ⅓rd of the stock at this rate, ⅓rd of the remainder at descount of4% and the restat cost price. His gain per cent is approximately

14. Mohini bought a hen. She solt it for Rs 31.25 making a percentage of profit equal to cost price in rupees. What is her cost price?
Rs 25
Rs 30
Rs 16
Rs 22

15. An Article sold at a loss of 5%. If it were sold for Rs 30 more, the gain would have been 1.25%. the cost price of the article is
Rs 488
Rs 480
Rs 400
Rs 420
Score =
Correct answers:


Ans. 1. (C) Rs 2200

Hint: S.P. =

Ans. 2 (B) Loss 9%

Hint: Profit or Loss % =

Ans. 3 (A) 20% increase

Let the number of the articles sold before the price rise be x at a price of Rs y per article.
Sale before the price rise =Rs xy
Sale after the price rise

Ans. 4 (B) Rs 480

Ans. 5 (A) Rs 60

Ans.6 (C) 45: 56

Ans.7 (C) 13

Hint: S.P. of 1 chocolate=

Ans.8 (B) 30

Ans.9 (B) 400

Ans.10 (D) 750

Hint: Let the price of the horse be Rs X.

Ans.11 (D) 40 paise

Ans.12 (B) 100%

Hint: C.P. of X = Rs 400, C.P. of Y = Rs 75,
C.P. of Z =Rs 150.

Ans.13 (A) 80,000

Ans.14 (B) 26

Ans.15 (A) Rs 25

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