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RBI Grade B Course : Week 1 Report

RBI Grade B Report
Hello students,
As many of you might be aware that Team BankExamsToday is dedicatedly working on RBI Grade B course. We have started with Management part of Finance and Management paper. 

Today I am providing you with the report card of week 1. In this week, we completed 2 chapters with the help of 9 videos and 2 quizzes.

1) Development of Management thoughts

  • Principles of Management b\y Henry Fayol
  • Scientific Management
  • Hythrone Experiments
  • System approach to Management
  • Chapter test - 20 Questions

2) Planning

  • Definition and Meaning
  • Planning Process
  • Types of Planning
  • Management by Objectives
  • Chapter test - 20 Questions

3) Organizing

  • Organizing Principles

Planning ahead

Along with Management portion, we will make separate video lectures and notes specifically for RBI Grade B exam.

From next month we will provide Monthly GK Digest, especially for RBI Grade B exam. In this digest, we will summarise all the events important for RBI Grade B exam. 

If you are planning to start the preparations, get all the course details here

In case you have any question, call - 9914968671(Raman)

By Ramandeep Singh

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