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20 Most Common Errors in Spoken English PDF

Published on Friday, December 15, 2017
Hi Students,
Here is a list of 20 most-common, most-confusing and most-repeated errors that you make while speaking English.

This PDF will help you to find out some very basic errors that you have been making while trying to converse in English. Download the PDF to know the correct usage.

Number of Pages: 7
Number of Rules: 20

This PDF is a part of our 60-Day Basic to Advance English Language Course designed to help you learn English language with the use of grammatical rules. The course will help those who are extremely weak in English and are unable to crack any competitive exam due to English section Have a look at the course description

Why do you fail in English?

  • The lack of proficiency in English Language
  • Unable to understand the questions properly
  • Unable to understand RC passage
  • Lack of Grammar Basics
  • Unable to write impressively.
  • Lack of good vocabulary
  • Studied in Hindi(Regional Language) medium school
  • Never pay attention to learn Language using rules of English Grammar
  • Lack of good mentor
  • Communication Barriers

What is the solution?

  • Understanding the basics of English Language
  • Learning through simple and easy ways
  • Moving step-by-step toward difficult level
  • Learning 10 new words everyday
  • Solving worksheets and get them reviewed
  • Discuss your doubts without any hesitation

What is our plan?

  • To Make you understand the language from the very basic
  • Giving you the proper knowledge of how to use the Grammar rules in your day-to-day life.
  • Providing you with assignment and checking them
  • Going from the basic level to advanced level
  • Helping you to learn language for better writing skills
  • Giving you the guidance that you miss in offline coaching centres and other online learning material
  • Dedicated hard work for your improvement
  • Making a WhatsApp group for daily discussion and doubt clearance. 

What will you get in the course?

  • The 60-day course which you can access on your phone or laptop with a validity of 1 year
  • One video lecture+ one worksheet + 10 Vocabulary words Each Day
  • A weekly test to assess your progress
  • Weekly doubt clearing session from the worksheets
  • Worksheets will be reviewed every day
  • Medium of teaching will be English
  • Easy to understand language will be used

For 60-Day Time Table Click Here

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