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Most Confusing Phrasal Verbs with Examples

Published on Saturday, December 16, 2017
Most Confusing Phrasal Verbs with Examples
Phrasal Verb
1. get away: have a vacation e.g. I am hoping to get away for at least a week after the board's examination.
2. get back: to return, especially to your home e.g. What time did you get back last night?
3. get down to sth: to begin to do something; to give serious attention to sth. e.g. (i) Get down to work by 8 o'clock.
(ii) Let's get down to business talks.
4. give in (to sb/ sth): to admit that you have been defeated by sb/ sth e.g. The terrorists were forced to give in .
5. give up: to stop trying to do something easily. e.g. She is very strong, she does not give up easily
6. give out: to be completely used up; come to an end. e.g. Last week we had lots of guests in our house. The food supplies that we had arranged for the month gave out in just one week.
7. give sb away: to allow the bride to marry e.g. He gave away his daughter to the boy she loved.
8. go about: continue to do sth e.g. Despite threats to his life he went about his sting operation as a journalist.
9. get through: to pass an examination e.g. He got through the written test for IAS, but failed in the interview.
10. cut down: to reduce the size, amount, number of sth. e.g.(i)He cut down his speech due to sudden disturbance in the audience
(ii)The prices of all essential goods have been late cut down drastically
11. cut out: to be a perfect match e.g. Mr. & Mrs. Sharma are cut out for each other
12. crop up: occur e.g. I was about to get the appointment letter when a problem cropped up.
13. hold sb/ sth back: to prevent the progress e.g. Do you think that his giving private tuition everyday will hold him back from his selection to the executive post?
14. hold on:
1. used on the phone to ask somebody to wait
2. Ask somebody to wait
e.g.(i) Can you hold on? I'll see if she is in her office.
(ii) Please hold on a minute while I inform my mother about my going out
15. hold up (sth): rob a bank or shop etc at a gun point.
2. to delay or block the movement
e.g. (i) The robbers held up the bank as soon as it opened.
(ii) My money order was held up by the postal strike
16. put across: to communicate your ideas and feelings. e.g. My boss is very good at putting across his views.
17. put in: to elect a political party eg. It is very difficult to say who the voters will put in this time.
18. put off: postpone to e.g. Good workers never put off their work to some future date.
19. let down: fail to support sb as they had expected. e.g. My friend never let me down in the most trying period of my life.
20. rule out: to say something is not possible e.g. His proposal to contest election to Lok Sabha was ruled out as too expensive.
21.pull down: to destroy a building e.g. The Municipal corporation pulled down his unauthorized construction.
22. turn away: to refuse to allow sb to enter a place e.g. Thousands of spectators were turned away from the stadium as it was full
23. drop in: to pay an informal visit to a person or a place. e.g. I can't give you a firm date, but rest assured, I'll drop in on you while I pass through this way.
24. drop off: to fall into a light sleep. e.g. Sorry, I dropped off and missed the end of the film.
25. leave out: to not include or mention. e.g. Leave me out of this quarrel, please
26. look through: to study, revise, examine e.g. I always look through my notes on the day of examination.
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