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New Pattern Cloze Test For SBI Clerk- 8

Published on Thursday, January 25, 2018
New Pattern Cloze Test For SBI Clerk- 8
Directions (1-6): In the passage given below there are blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate pair of words in each case which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.
 The government on Wednesday formally kicked off banking reforms, linking Rs88,000 crore of capital infusion in ailing public sector banks with a set of ------------(1) metrics.
PSU banks will have to ------------ (2) their lending practices, especially in -----------(3) loans to big businesses and in consortium lending, monetize non-core assets, rationalize overseas branches, embrace technology and move to ------------(4) loans that have turned bad, said financial services secretary Rajiv Kumar.
The strategy is to provide a lifeline to banks struggling under the legacy of bad loans so that they can once again resume commercial lending—and revive the investment cycle in the economy.
Addressing a press conference, finance minister Arun Jaitley said the need for banking reforms is independent of the government’s stated objective of encouraging -------------(5) in the banking sector.
“We are setting up an institutional mechanism to ensure what has happened in the past is not repeated. It is the government’s responsibility to keep state-run banks in good health and ensure they follow the highest standards of corporate governance,” Jaitley said.
Public sector banks will be -------------(6) in the current fiscal year through a mix of recapitalisation bonds (Rs80,000 crore) and direct infusion from budgetary allocations (Rs8,139 crore). In addition, banks have raised more than Rs10,000 crore so far and will raise more in the coming months from the market, taking the total recapitalisation to over Rs1 trillion this fiscal.
The recapitalisation bonds will be of a tenor of 10-15 years and will be issued once the boards of banks commit to the banking reforms. The recapitalisation bonds will not impact the fiscal deficit this year, said Subhash Chandra Garg, secretary, department of economic affairs.

1. Find out the appropriate word.

Performance/ accomplishment
Reworking/ handling
Nonfulfillment/ non-performance
None of these

2. Find out the appropriate word:

Fixing/ repairing
Revamp/ restore
Overhauled/ revitalize
Flaw/ impair
None of these

3. Find out the appropriate word:

Advancing/ elevating
Flagging/ ebbing
Procession/ progression
None of these

4. Find out the appropriate word:

Recover/ restore
Revived/ renewed
Decline/ wane
None of these

5. Find out the appropriate word:

Consolidation/ coalescence
None of these

6. Find out the appropriate word:

Cofinance/ refinance
Liquidate/ pay
None of these


  • Answer: a; Performance/ accomplishment is the correct choice
  • Answer: b; Revamp/ restore is grammatically correct in the above passage.
  • Answer: a; Advancing/ elevating is the correct choice.
  • Answer: b; Recover/ restore is grammatically correct in the above passage.
  • Answer: c; Consolidation/ coalescence is grammatically correct in the above passage.
  • Answer: a; Capitalised/aided is the correct choice.
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