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Best Books for RBI Grade B - Phase 1 and 2

Published on Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Hello students,
Today I am going to share my list of recommended books for RBI Grade B Phase 1 and Phase 2 exams.

Phase 2


Principles of Management by LM Prasad

lm prasad
This is the most comprehensive Principles of Management book written by an Indian author.

Engineers may find it difficult to read this book. Students with a non-commerce educational background should follow Management notes by Team BankExamsToday

Corporate Governance chapter is missing from the book. Further Quality Control chapter isn't properly explained.

Management Notes by Team BankExamsToday

Team BankExamsToday provides chapter wise notes for Finance portion. We explain each and every concept in simple and easy language.

Financial Management

Syllabus of Finance portion of Paper 1 is quite vast. Instead of mugging up financial terms, try to understand the processes and real-life usage of financial products.

Financial Mangement by Arindam Banrejee 

financial management
This is the best book available in the market for Finance portion. 

In past, I recommended Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra but this is difficult to understand. I am not recommending this book anymore.

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Economic and Social Issues

Majority of ESI paper comes from dynamic topics. Team BankExamsToday prepares RBI Grade B GK Digest monthly to cover the dynamic portion.

We have provided previous year's RBI Grade B ESI paper here

ESI Paper pattern in 2017
Total Marks
Current Affairs
Banking and Finance
Government Schemes

RBI Grade B GK Digest Monthly

Team BankExamsToday makes a monthly GK Digest. The monthly capsule is divided into 4 parts:-
  1. Current affairs
  2. Summary and analysis of RBI's notifications, master circulars and bulletins
  3. Summary of Yojana magazine
  4. Government schemes launched in the month

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 

This is the most respectable book used by students for various courses. This book covers around 1/5 of the whole ESI syllabus.
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma

Although I recommend Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh, Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma is suitable for non-commerce background students. In this book, all the concepts are explained in a very simple language.

Yojana Magazine

Monthly Yojana magazine is a comprehensive source of information for Government schemes part. In case you are unable to read the complete Yojana magazine every month, download our RBI Grade B GK Digest(Available to RBI Grade B Course students).

yojana magazine

BankExamsToday Mobile application

BankExamsToday is the current affairs application for RBI Grade B exam. Install it here.

Daily Newspaper

I recommend "The Hindu" or "The Indian Express"
the hindu

English Writing Skills

English writing skills notes by Team BankExamsToday are sufficient for this paper.

Read basic Grammar notes or get Grammar in use by Raymond Murphy.

Phase 1

Quantitative Aptitude

I recommend Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar Verma or Quan. For Data Interpretation portion download our free workbooks here.

quantitative aptitude made easy


Not many good books are available for Reasoning ability section. I recommend Logical Reasoning by Nishit K. Sinha.

General Awareness

Monthly RBI Grade B GK Digest along with newspaper is sufficient (How to read a newspaper for competitive exams).

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ebook store

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