Diseases and Body Parts Affected

Diseases and Body Parts Affected
Diseases Body Parts
AIDS Immune system of Body
Jaundice Liver
Arthritis Joints
Bronchitis Lungs
Meningitis Brain or Spinal cord
Asthma Lungs or Pleurisy
Carditis Heart
Cystitis Bladder
Colitis Intestine
Dermatitis Skin
Cataract Eyes
Conjuctivitis Eyes
Pneumonia Lungs
Diabetes Pancreas
Pyorrhoea sockets of teeth
Diphtheria Throat
Tuberculosis Lungs
Glaucoma Eyes
Typhoid Intestine
Eczema Skin
Malaria Spleen
Goiter Front of the neck (due to enlargement of thyroid gland)
Glossitis Tongue
Gastritis Stomach
Hepatitis Liver
Leukemia Blood
Gout Joints of Bone
Rickets Bones
Otitis Ear
Osteomyelitis Bones
Paralysis Nerves and Limbs
Peritonitis Abdomen
Tonsillitis Tonsils
Trachoma Eye
Dementia Brain
Polio Legs
Rhinitis Nose
Scurvy Gums
Tetanus Skeletal Muscles
Leprosy Skin and peripheral nerves
Alzheimer’s Disease Brain
Grave’s Diseases Thyroid
Rheumatism Joints
Psoriasis Skin
Gingivitis Gums
Vitiligo Skin
Hemophilia Blood
Multiple sclerosis Brain
Syncope Brain
Uveitis Eye

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