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Eklavya Model Residential Schools for Tribal Children

Published on Saturday, February 10, 2018
Eklavya Model Residential Schools for Tribal Children
"A child without education , is like Eye without sight"


  • Eklavya Education Foundation was started in the year 1996, to improve the school education system among Tribal people in India. 
  • Basically, It is a non-profit organisation started by young educators and businessmen to run schools and teacher training colleges in a modern and ethical manner. 

The story behind Eklavya schools:

  • In 1986, chairman of the company Core Emballage Ltd decided to invest their profit in 4 cycles. 
  • The amount earned in the first cycle has been Reinvested in their business. 
  • The amount earned in the second cycle has given to their employees in terms of salary increment. 
  • Amount earned in the third cycle to their shareholders. 
  • Finally, amount earned in the 4rth cycle to the welfare of the society, by setting up the non-profit educational institution for Tribal people in the name ' Eklavya'. 
  • Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) have been constructed in many states and Union Territories under Article 275(1) of the Constitution of India. 
  • Thus the main objective of EMRS is to provide quality education to Scheduled Tribe students.

Coverage of the scheme - criteria:

  • As per existing Guidelines, at least one EMRS is to be set up in each Tribal area having 50% ST population. 

Structure of EMRS:

  • For Admission to these schools, preference will be given to children belonging to Primitive Tribal Groups. 
  • Sufficient land to construct the school would be given by the State Government for free of cost. 
  • The number of seats for both boys and girls will be equal. 
  • Education will be free in these schools. 
  • Every class can have a maximum of 60 and the total sanctioned strength of the school will be 480 students. 
  • In Higher Secondary level, there will be three sections per class for the three branches of Science, Commerce & Humanities. The maximum strength of each section will be 30 students. 

Who manages Eklavya schools:

  • Eklavya schools will be managed either by the state or central board of secondary education. 
  • The number of teachers to be appointed will be strictly followed under the Schedule to the right of children to free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. 

Policies to recruit staffs:

  • The recruitment is done by submitting an application to the DM of the district, whenever there is the vacancy in a prescribed format. 
  • The maximum number of women teachers are been recruited. 
  • Highest quality teachers and staffs are been recruited for academic and other extracurricular activities. 
  • As per the Eklavya scheme all teachers including principle will be appointed temporarily for 12 months, based on their performance the contract will be extended further. 
  • Any time teachers will be terminated if they don't follow the terms and conditions. 
  • There will be direct face to face interview conducted by the school local organizing body. 
  • Day to day Activities such as school admissions and others would be Handled entirely by the society chosen by the respective state government. 
  • Therefore, Each State Government Administration would be solely responsible for the management and effective functioning of the EMRS. 

Costs & Budget:

  • Capital Cost will be from Rs. 12 cr to Rs. 16 cr, which includes hostel and staff quarters facility. 
  • The recurring cost will be Rs. 42000 per child. 
  • In addition, the government gives Rs 30 lakh for establishing the school. 
  • Additional fund for the school is provided by the private donations will be given to the DM of the district directly. 


  • The main theme of Eklavya school is that each and every child has inborn talent, which should be discovered by the school and teachers. 
  • Teachers have a responsibility to develop the talent of each and every kid, such that they achieve great things in their life irrespective of their family background. 
  • Thus, Eklavya's mission is to bring revolution in the field of primary as well as secondary education to the tribal people through its unique approach 

Sample questions:

1. Which company is behind the formation of Eklavya schools:? 
Ans- Core Emballage Ltd

2. What is the full form of EMRS? 
Ans: Eklavya Model Residential Schools

3. Under which article of the Constitution of India, Eklavya schools are been constructed? 
Ans: Article 275(1)

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