Important List of Paronyms in English - Part 2

Published on Friday, February 23, 2018
Important List of Paronyms in English - Part 2
Dear learners, I want to let you know some more paronyms.

1. Exposure – Exposition

Exposure = being exposed to air and cold.
Eg: Several Indians are left exposed to poverty and illiteracy.
Exposition = explanation.
Eg: My friend’s exposition of women problems impressed me.

2. Fatal – Fateful—Fatalist

Fatal = that ends in death.
Eg: He had a fatal accident.
Fateful =something that produces some result
Eg: The entry of the British into our country is a fateful event in Indian History.
Fatalist = a person who believes in fate.
Eg: My uncle is a fatalist by nature.

3. Forceful --- Forcible

Forceful = effective.
Eg: Malathi convinced me of the matter with her forceful arguments.
Forcible = by force
Eg: The forcible entry of the crowd into the manager’s chamber created havoc in the office.

4. Honorary --- Honorable

Honorary = an office without remuneration.
Eg: He is the honorary director of the company.
Honorable = worthy of honor
Eg: Mother Teresa is the most honorable woman in the world.

5. Prophecy – Prophesy

Prophecy = a forecast
Eg: My prophecy about her marriage came true.
Prophesy = foretell
Eg: I prophesied that she will be successful.

6. Sensual – Sensuous

Sensual =used in bad sense.
Eg: He ran after sensual pleasures.
Sensuous = used in good sense.
Eg : John Keats was a sensuous poet.

7. Spiritual – Spirituous

Spiritual = pertaining to soul
Eg: Swami Vivekananda attached much importance to spiritual knowledge.
Spirituous= alcoholic
Eg: All spirituous drinks must be banned from our country.

8. Virual --- Virtuous

Virtual = real
Eg: The President is the virtual head of the state.
Virtuous = blameless, righteous
Eg: Dr.APJ Kalam was a virtuous man.

9. Womanly – Womanish

Womanly = kind and affectionate.
Eg: I liked the womanly love and affection of Mother Teresa.
Womanish = week and cowardly
Eg: She hates her friend’s womanish habits.

10. Vocation – Avocation – Vacation

Vocation =profession
Eg: His vocation is teaching.
Avocation = hobby
Eg: Growing plants is my avocation.
Vacation = holidays.
Eg: Sagar wants to spend his vacation in Kashmir.

11. Transient – Transitory

Transient = short-lived
Eg: Life is transient by nature.
Transitory = worldly, temporary
Eg: We are living in a transitory world.

12. Speciality – Specialty

Speciality = striking quality
Eg: What is the speciality of your painting?
Specialty = specific skill.
Eg: Her specialty is Kuchipudi style of dance.

13. Servitude – Servility

Servitude = the state of slavery.
Eg: It is very horrible to live in total servitude.
Servility = a sense of servitude.
Eg: The servility of women proves very dangerous to their existence and honor.

14. Especial -- Special.

Especial = exceptional
Eg: Mother Teresa has an especial kindness and love for the poor.
Special = specific.
Eg: This medicine must be used in special cases only.

15.Divers – Diverse

Divers = several or sundry
Eg: Divers countries participated in the seminar.
Diverse = markedly different
Eg: My views about dowry problem are diverse from my friends.

I wish you will be benefited by learning these paronyms.

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