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Important List of Paronyms in English

Published on Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Some Important List of Paronyms


  • A word which is similar in form of derivation but different in meaning is known as a Paronym.In other words, paronyms may refer to words that are linked by a similarity of a form. 
  • Do you know the difference between Confused words and Paronyms? 
  • Confused words differ from each other in spelling and pronunciation. But Paronyms differ not only from spelling but also come from same root word. 


  1. Affect – Effect are confused words but not from same root word. 
  2. Recollect – Remember are paronyms and come from same root word memory. 
Read the following Paronyms carefully.

1. Adjacent - Adjoining

Adjacent = laying near.
Eg: They were allowed to write examination.
Adjoining = next
Eg: The post office adjoins the main road. 

2. Ancient - Antiquated

Ancient = old in time.
Eg: I am very interested in ancient Telugu Literature.
Antiquated = old in fashion.
Eg: The Aryans are antiquated people.

3. Artist - Artiste

Artist = an expert in fine arts.
Eg: Ravi Varma is a great artist.
Artiste = an actor by profession.
Eg: Nagarjuna is a popular film artiste.

4. Corporal - Corporeal

Corporal = bodily, physically.
Eg: Many countries have abolished corporal punishment.
Corporeal = material, tangible.
Eg: It is very foolish to run after corporeal pleasures.

5. Imaginary - Imaginative

Imaginary = unreal.
Eg: Modern man is living in imaginary world.
Imaginative =Creative.
Eg: John Keats was a great imaginative poet.

6. Industrial - Industrious.

Industrial = relating to industry.
Eg: India has achieved tremendous industrial progress.
Industrious = hardworking.
Eg: Ramya is an industrious girl.

7. Sensitive - Sensitive

Sensitive = easily affected, emotional.
Eg: Wordsworth was a sensitive poet.
Sensible = reasonable.
Eg: Rani is always sensible of her mother’s love and affection.

8. Sociable - Social

Sociable = friendly.
Eg: Uma is a sociable woman.
Social = relating to society.
Eg: We must work hard to combat social evils.

9. Popular - Populous

Popular = famous.
Eg: Jesudas is a popular singer.
Populous = crowded
Eg: China is a populous country.

10. Artful - Artistic.

Artful =cunning or clever.
Eg: I dislike his artful nature.
Artistic = having aesthetic qualities.
Eg: Mani Ratnam is an artistic film director.

11. Destination - Destiny

Destination = goal.
Eg: They reached their destination in the evening.
Destiny = fate.
Eg: Nobody can stop destiny.

12. Estimate - Estimation- Esteem

Estimate = calculation.
Eg: The estimate of the project is not finalized.
Estimation = opinion.
In my estimation, Subhash Chandra Bose was the greatest freedom fighter in India.
Esteem = respect.
Eg: I have great esteem for Mother Teresa.

13. Barbarism - Barbarity.

Barbarism = uncivilized conditions.
Eg: We still find barbarism in many parts of India.
Barbarity = cruelty.
Eg: Some tribal people are notorious for their barbarity.

14. Completeness - Completion.

Completeness = perfection.
Eg: None of us can achieve completeness in our field of study.
Completion = the act of ending or finishing.
Eg: Rajesh always feel happy at the completion of every new task.

15. Economic - Economical

Economic = relating to economics.
Eg: No political party has tried to improve the economic conditions of our country.
Economical = inexpensive.
Eg: I appreciate the economical ways of my friend.
Now I want to conclude that these paronyms help you to find out right word in sentence completion Part in bank exams.So learn these paronyms and gather more like this to succeed in your examination.
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