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Paronyms - Find Out the Missed Words in Sentence

Published on Saturday, February 24, 2018
Paronyms - Find Out the Missed Words in Sentence
A sentence means a group of words which expresses a complete thought. Basically, a sentence divided into two parts one is subject another one is predicate.To complete a sentence you should know the parts of a sentence and correlation between them. Apart from that, you should know some of the paronyms to complete a sentence which is given in bank exams.

Now I want to let you know what is Paronym?
  • A word which is similar in form of derivation but different in meaning is known as Paronym. 

Some of very familiar Paronyms:

1. Abject ---- Object

Abject = hopeless
Eg: Many Indians are living in abject poverty.
Object = aim
Eg: My main object in life is to become a writer.

2. Alternate --- Alternative.

Alternate = one after other
Eg: The day is alternated by night.
Alternative =the other choice of the two.
Eg: There is no alternative to hard work.

3. Beneficial --- Beneficent

Beneficial = useful
Eg: Book reading is very beneficial to everyone.
Beneficent = kind
Eg: Mother Teresa was a beneficent woman.

4. Confident ---- Confidant

Confident = a feeling of confidence.
Eg: Ravi is confident of getting recognition as a Doctor.
Confidant = a person who is trusted with private affairs.
Eg: Sudha is my confidant in life.

5. Judicial – Judicious

Judicial = relating to justice.
Eg: The criminal was kept in judicial custody.
Judicious = prudent
Eg: We must be judicious in selecting a right type of job while applying to a company.

Pick out the most effective word from the given paronyms to complete the sentence meaningfully.

Question 1. 

These essays are intellectual……[c]……. And represent various levels of complexity.
a. revealing
b. modern
c. superior
d. demanding 
e. persistent

Question 2.

It was almost impossible for him to put out of his mind the …[b]….. words which he heard from his clever father-in-law.
a. inspiring
b. witty
c. sarcastic
d. soothing
e. exhortative.

Question 3.

Integrity of character, honesty, dependability and discipline ……[a]….. with a genuine interest in your professional life.
a. coupled
b. adjoined
c. fixed
d. attached
e. joined.

Question 4.

The soldiers were instructed to …[a]…..restraint and handle the situation peacefully.
a. exercise
b. control
c. prevent
d. enforce
e. remain

Question 5.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was one of the chiefs…[e]……. Of women rights.
a. promoters
b. facilitators
c. instigators
d. organizers
e. protagonists. 

Question 6.

The two sisters look so …[d]….. That it is difficult to tell one from the other.
a. same
b. similar
c. identical
d. alike
e. resembling. 

Question 7.

Since one cannot read every book, one should be content with making a ……[e]….. Selection.
a. normal
b. standard
c. sample
d. moderate
e. judicious.

Question 8.

Hitler’s actions had …[d]…. Pain and suffering on thousands of people.
a. deplored
b. eliminated
c. affected
d. inflicted 
e. imposed

Question 9.

Success comes to those who are vigilant not to permit ...[b]….. from the chosen path.
a. diversion
b. deviation
c. obstruction
d. alienation
e. distraction.

Question 10.

He has good …[d]……. Over the famous world languages.
a. authority
b. expertise
c. hold
d. command 
e. knowledge

Question 11.

Every day, in the school, one period is …[d]….. to games, sports and physical exercise.
a. entrusted
b. dedicated
c. conceded
d. devoted 
e. conferred

Question 12.

Some people …[e]…. Themselves into believing that they are indispensable to the organization they work for.
a. keep
b fool
c. force
d. denigrate 
e. delude

Question 13.

How do you expect that country to progress when her government is corrupt, …[c]… And still largely feudal?
a. devalued
b. dwindling
c. despotic
d. demeaning 
e. demobilized

Question 14.

The petition before the court prayed for …[d]…… the appointment orders issued by the management.
a. removing
b. granting
c. posting
d. quashing
e. dismissing.

Question 15.

I have a profound respect for his political …[d]…….
a. personality
b. ambition
c. temperament
d. sagacity
e. involvement

Question 16.

The truck was …[b]…….. the traffic and the policeman asked the driver to move off.
a. failing
b. obstructing
c. obviating
d. hiding
e. disturbing.

Question 17.

For a few seconds, Mahan was …[e]……… blinded by the powerful lights of the oncoming car.
a. heavily
b. largely
c. greatly
d. powerfully
e. totally

Question 18.

The police have …[c]….. a complaint against four persons.
a. entered
b. lodged
c. registered
d. noted
e. received

Question 19.

He is too …[e]…… to be deceived easily.
a. strong
b. modern
c. kind
d. honest 
e. intelligent

Question 20.

There has been a …[c]…… lack of efficiency in all the crucial areas of the working of Public Sector Undertakings.
a. positive
b. surprising
c. conspicuous
d. simulative 

Finally, I want to say one thing that is learning more number of paronyms help you to get cent percent marks in this part of bank exams.

Thank you.

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