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Static Gk Quiz for SBI 2018 - Part 31

Published on Friday, February 09, 2018
Static Gk Quiz for SBI 2018 - Part 31

Question 1.

Gair is a type of folk dance famous in which state of India? 
A. Gujarat
B. Rajasthan
C. Punjab
B. Bihar
Ans: B

Question 2.

World food day is celebrated on? 
A. October 16
B. October 15
C. November 16
D. November 15
Ans: A

Question 3.

Garuda shakti is the joint exercise between India and which of the following country 
A. Sri Lanka
B. Indonesia
C. Japan
D. Singapore
Ans: B

Question 4.

which city in India is called as 'city of weavers'? 
A. Prayag
B. Panipet
C. Jamshedpur
D. Varanasi
Ans: B

Question 5.

Newlands stadium is located in which country? 
A. New-Zealand
B. Netherland
C. South Africa
D. Thailand
Ans: C

Question 6.

The book 'India 2017 Yearbook', compiled by Rajiv Mehrishi, was launched by the Chief Minister of which state? 
A. Gujarat
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Rajasthan
Ans: D

Question 7.

What is the rank of India in world bank's ease of doing business ranking? 
B. 105
C. 200
D. 205
Ans: A

Static Gk Quiz for SBI 2018 - Part 30

Question 8.

Recently died Sukharanjan Sengupta belongs to which field? 
A. Veteran actor
B. Eminent Hindi poet & Jnanpith awardee
C. Veteran journalist
D. Renowned Malayalam writer
Ans: C

Question 9.

Pawan Kumar Chamling is the Chief Minister of which of the following Indian state? 
A. Sikkim
B. Tripura
C. Uttarakhand
D. Himachal Pradesh
Ans: A

Question 10.

Nameri National Park is in which state of India? 
A. Chattisgarh
B. Assam
C. Nagaland
D. Himachal Pradesh
Ans: B
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