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New Pattern Cloze Test Part - 8

Published on Thursday, March 08, 2018
New Pattern Cloze Test Part - 8
Directions (1-7): In the passage given below, there are blanks, which are to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate word in each case, which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.
  • Action in the food start-up space is heating up. A host of companies in the sector are coming up with new ------- (1) Ideas / Certainty / Fact / Concept -------- and propositions. If you visit any modern trade outlet today, you will see a -------- (2) Paucity / Plethora / Dearth / Myriad ------- of new brands in the chilled/frozen foods section, snacks shelves or the sauces area. If you don’t find them there, you may encounter them at, say, a movie theatre or at an airport. While some of them may have ---------- (3) Confines / Unfathomable / Infinite / Limited ---------- distribution, a brand like Raw Pressery, the fresh cold-pressed bottled juice brand that originated in Mumbai, is now available in several cities including Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. 
  • Or take Epigamia. The premium Greek yoghurt brand that was launched in 2015 is now available in the large metros. Among others spreading their wings are Licious, the one-stop shop for meat and seafood that delivers to your doorstep, and Bengaluru-based iD Fresh Food, the idli/dosa batter company. 
  • Then there is Samosa Singh, which is into selling a ---------- (4) Extensive / Wide / restricted / narrow ----------- range of innovative samosas. The brand now boasts several outlets in Bengaluru. Samosa Singh is also available at food counters in theatre chains. 
  • “The food start-up space is buzzing. We have invested in at least four food-related start-ups in the last eight months,” says V.S. Kannan Sitaram, venture partner at Fireside Ventures, which invests in bricks-and-mortar start-ups, especially home-grown consumer brands. 
  • Fireside Ventures has ----------- (5) Divest / Provide / Invested / Submerge ----------- in Samosa Singh, Goodness! Yogabars and Kwik24. While Goodness! Markets oats and yoghurt smoothies, Yoga Bar makes nutritious snack bars from natural ingredients. Surprisingly, all the four companies are Bengaluru-based. “Kwik24 is an IOT (Internet of Things)-enabled vending machine company which dispenses hot and cold food. We believe each of these has a great idea, which can be very big—worth several hundred crores in five years. Brands like these can transform the way young Indians eat,” says Sitaram. 
  • It is easy to see why there is action in the food start-up space. For starters, the big fast-moving consumer goods companies are ---------- (6) Expanding / Enlarge/ compressing/ augment ----------- to reach out to rural markets. As they go in for economies of scale, the consumers at the top of the pyramid are not being addressed. This top-of-the-pyramid consumer is more attuned to spending on processed food. ------------- (7) Sensing / Feel / Apprehend / Insight ---------this gap in the market, the start-ups are coming in. 

Question 1. 

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Ideas
b) Certainty
c) Fact
d) Concept
Answer: Option a 
Explanation:  Ideas is the correct choice

Question 2.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Paucity
b) Plethora
c) Dearth
d) Myriad
Answer: Option b
Explanation: Plethora is grammatically correct in the above passage.

Question 3.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Confines
b) Unfathomable
c) Infinite
d) Limited
Answer: Option d
Explanation:  Limited is the correct choice. 

Question 4.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Extensive
b) Wide
c) restricted
d) narrow
Answer: Option b
Explanation: Wide is grammatically correct in the above passage.

Question 5.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Divest
b) Provide
c) Invested
d) Submerge
Answer: Option c
Explanation:  Invested is grammatically correct in the above passage.

Question 6.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Expanding
b) Enlarge
c) compressing
d) augment
Answer: Option a 
Explanation:  Expanding is the correct choice.

New Pattern Cloze Test Part 7

Question 7.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Sensing
b) Feel
c) Apprehend
d) Insight
Answer: Option a 
Explanation: Sensing is grammatically correct in the above passage.
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