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Confused Synonyms Part-2

Published on Friday, April 06, 2018
Confused Synonyms Part-2
Dear learner, I want to let you know some more confused synonyms.

1. Drown--- Sink

Drown = refers to men
Eg: The great poet PB Shelly was drowned in the sea.
Sink= refers to inanimate things.
Eg: The Ship sank in the Ocean.

2. Expect --- Hope

Expect = refers to a good or bad thing
Eg: I expected a favorable response from my friend.
Hope= refers to a good thing.
Eg: Ravi hopes to get first classs in his PG.

3. Kill--- Murder --- Assassinate

Kill= refers to self defence.
Eg: He killed his parents for assets.
Murder= Killing a person on a purpose.
Eg: The politician was murdered by his opponents.
Assassinate= Kill somebody on political grounds.
Eg: Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.

4. Attain--- Acquire

Attain= to get something by hard work.
Eg : Murali attained perfection in teaching.
Acquire= to hold a quality permanently
Eg: She has acquired proficiency in linguistics.

5. Ancient--- Old

Ancient= opposite to modern.
Eg: I am very fond of our ancient Hindu Culture.
Old= Opposite to new and young.
Eg: I love reading old books.

6. Begin--- Commence--- Start

Begin= refers to all occasions and things.
Eg: We must begin the work today.
Commence= refers to official actions.
Eg: The University examination will commence from next month.
Start= refers to physical movement.
Eg: The Bus starts at 6’o clock from Hyderabad. 

Synonyms List with Examples

7. Cite--- Quote

Cite = refers to things or persons.
Eg: He cited many incidents of dowry death in his speech.
Quote= refers to only things.
Eg: He quoted several lines of Vivekananda’s speech in support of his argument.

8. Compulsion--- Obligation

Compulsion= refers to physical force.
Eg: The minister resigned from his ministry under compulsion.
Obligation= refers to moral judgment or duty.
Eg: Paying tax to the government is our main obligation as citizens.

9. Crime--- Vice--- Sin

Crime= an offence against the law or government.
Eg: Untouchability is a crime against law.
Vice= an offence against moral law.
Eg: Gambling is a vice.
Sin= an offence against religion.
Eg: It is a sin to beat animals cruelly.

10. Defend---Protest

Defend= refers to present danger.
Eg: We must defend our nation from terrorism.
Protest= refers to an unexpected danger.
Eg: A house protects us from natural calamities.

11. Event--- Incident--- Accident

Event= an important occasion
Eg: Industrial revolution is a great event in the history of England.
Incident= an ordinary happening
Eg: A reporter is very keen at daily incidents in the society.
Accident= a tragic happening.
Eg: He died in a fire accident.

12. Famous--- Notorious--- Renowned

Famous= used in a good sense
Eg: India is famous for temples.
Notorious= used in a bad sense.
Eg: He is notorious for his smuggling activities.
Renowned= used for a higher reputation.
Eg: R.K. Narayan is a renowned Indian short story writer in English.

13. Libel--- Slander

Libel= refers to something printed or written
Eg: Her statement amounted to libel
Slander= refers to something spoken.
Eg: They heard her remarks and they wanted to take an action for slander.

14. Sight--- Scenery--- Scene

Sight= a visible object
Eg: What a beautiful sight it is!
Scenery= the view of landscape.
Eg: Kashmir is noted for its beautiful scenery.
Scene= a place where an event or accident takes place.
Eg: The Prime Minister arrived on the scene immediately.

15. Praise--- Admire

Praise= commend a person for what he does.
Eg: He was praised for his bravery.
Admire= commend a person for what he is.
Eg: I admire Dr.BR Ambedkar for his great deeds for our nation.
Finally, I want to tell you that read, learn and gather more number of synonyms like this, then you will be able to succeed in any competitive examination.
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