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My Journey from Salesman to RRB Scale II Officer

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
My Journey from Salesman to RRB Scale II Officer
*Name- Nilesh Tejsinghrao Moroliya*
*Place- Katol, Nagpur, Maharashtra*
*Qualification- B.A, M.B.A.*
*Category- General*
*Bank Name- Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank*
*Journey- 2 phase journey from 2011 to 2013, and 2014 to 2017*


Having read the success stories here, I felt like I should share my story so that banking aspirants who wish to seek a job in banking sphere get the morale boost after reading my story. My motive behind sharing this story is just to motivate the aspirants and not to congratulate me. This story is little lengthier but I assure that after reading this you will get an inspiration.

My Family Background

I am from poor farmer's family. My parents could not complete even their high-school level education because of poverty and lack of facilities. Despite being less educated, they had dreamed to make me an officer, but they did not know anything about the essential things to make their dream come true. This is the reason I could not get those basic things requiring to get a quality education from my childhood itself. Here, I want to tell you my background because as long as you do not know my background, you will not get the essence of the story. I was born in a small village and at the same time, my education took place in a government school. Seeing my passion for studies, my parents always encouraged me to pursue higher education. And because of their inspiration, in my mind too, the desire to fulfil their dream of seeing their son becoming an officer kept on increasing. But my parents did not know that it would not be so easy and at the same time, I did not even know that I would have to go through hardships to prove myself.

*Post Graduation*

Keeping my family background in mind, I completed my graduation in B.A. After completion of my graduation someone told my father that there was tremendous scope for M.B.A., hence he wanted me to pursue M.B.A. But keeping in mind the expenditures for further studies, I declined his proposal while I too had the same desire. Eventually, despite all the difficulties, I deliberately completed my M.B.A from a local college for which my father had availed a loan from a local money lender.

Initialization of struggle series in the life

After completing my M.B.A. I thought that I would easily get a good job in a big city like Pune. (As I had passed my M.B.A. from a local college, there was no scope for getting placement). But, here also I was proved to be wrong. I took 5000 Rs. from my father and left for Pune without a thought. After I reached Pune, I met a friend who was working in Pune and spent some days in his room only. Every morning I used to go in search of a job, but nobody was ready to offer a job of even 5000 Rs. salary to a fresh candidate like me who had graduated from a small town, a local college. I sensed the ground reality and found out that doing an M.B.A was also worthless. 5000 Rs. was spent 20 days only. No option was left but to go back home. 

Entry of an Angel

Meanwhile, I happened to meet a kind-hearted  Christian girl. Understanding my compulsions, she lent me Rs. 5000 on the condition of returning to her when I got a job. (At that time, I realized that perhaps God had come to help me in disguise)
Again the amount of Rs. 5000 was spent still there was no job in my hand. Meanwhile, I kept my parents informed that I had got a job having 15000 Rs. per month salary and in future it would be increased. I kept telling lies to them so that they would not worry about me. Again all of my options were over but I had thought that I would not let my parents 5000 rupees go waste. Moreover, I was supposed to return 5000 rupees to that girl who had lent me in my bad days, consequently, many times I prefered to be hungry but did not give up.

The job of a Salesman

Due to the closure of all the roads, eventually, in compulsion, I started to do door to door marketing for one of the pioneer companies in water purifier marketing that is Eureka Forbes Ltd. It was a target oriented job-No achievement of target- No salary. Thus, selling water purifier gradually became my profession. After working hard for 30 days, 14 hours a day in a month, I started to earn upto 10000 rupees at the end of the month. I still remember the incident when I had knocked on customer's door at evening 6 o' clock and in turn, he replied, *"Bastard, is this the time to knock?"*
 At that time, I did not feel sorry for how the customer treated me because I was accustomed to an abusive language being used against me.

*Turning point*

I did not understand what I was doing and what I wanted to do in my life. The dream which my parents had seen for me seemed to be shattered. Then I came to know that one of my M.B.A. classmates was selected in SBI as PO. A ray of hope arose in the corner of the darkest side of my heart. I realized, if he could crack the exam why could not I? Eventually, I quit my private job and came back to home and started preparing for banking exams. People residing in my village started spreading rumours about me. Some said that he might have done something wrong in pue. In that span of time, everybody had different wrong views about me. However, I let my parents know the exact reality why I came back to home from Pune.  I still remember a sentence uttered by my father at that time, it was like, *"हम ज्यादा पढे लिखे नही है, इसलिए तूम्हे मार्गदर्शन तो नही कर सकते, पर हमे तूम पर पूरा भरौसा है के तूम जो भी करोगे अच्छा बूरा सोच के ही करोगे, इसलिए जो करना है बिना किसी झिझक के करो, दूनिया की पर्वा मत करो!   तूम्हारे माता पिता तूम्हारे साथ है और हमेशा रहेंगे!"*
This sentence gave me zeal, fervour, hopes and all for my further journey. It seemed that I had conquered the half battle.

*Selection in PNB and my marriage*

 Meanwhile, my one and half years of hard work came to my help and I got selected in PNB as a clerk. There was a happy atmosphere at my home. People and relatives started to congratulate me on my success in the exam. I thought now everything would be fine, things would change for good. The dark clouds of poverty would go away. At that time I had completed 28 years of my age. My parents thought that I would be going to be settled in life. Consequently, they prepared a plan to get me married. I also agreed and within 3 months after the selection in PNB I got married. But I did not know that my destiny had planned something else for me. After 2 months of my marriage when I went on for documents verification, to my surprise I found that I was declared to be ineligible for some error in caste certificate. (Story relating to cast is a long one and it will not be possible to narrate the whole story here). I knocked on the door of the court as well against this, but due to lack of sufficient money and guidance, the case could not be taken further. I was married, everyone knew that I was selected in a bank. But on being declared ineligible, you can not imagine what the hell torture I had to go through. I was totally depressed. After few days passed in depression, I started to prepare again being at home only. My in-laws thought that I had deceived them by lying. They started taunting on my back. Gradually, I was surrounded by so much pressure that even I thought to commit suicide. My marriage was on verge of being broken, still, I was firm in my decision. If my wife or in-laws could not understand my mindset then it seemed better to have such a relationship broken. After living together for a year under the same roof, my wife also left me and went back to her parents. The reason was clear that I was the jobless and useless fellow who could not fulfil her dreams and she realised that. I believe that it was not her fault. Anybody in place of her might have reacted in the same way in such a terrific situation. I was unable to answer the relatives or people in society on being asked the rubbish questions about happenings of my life. After a year I became a father of a daughter. Then I realized that it was better to do something to fulfil my responsibilities than to sit at home and study. After few months I started searching for a  private job and accepted the job I got though I was not satisfied with it.

*Struggle in Private job*

Even though I used to be busy in my private job from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, still my conscience motivated me to start preparing for banking exams again. Consequently, I started to prepare for the exams again with full robust. Being a general category candidate I could not appear for clerk exams after completion of 28 years of my age. Between 28 to 30 years of age, I appeared for several exams like IBPS PO, RRB PO, SBI PO, LIC AO-DO, RBI, NICL, IPPB and Individual Bank's PO too. But all in vain, no selection was made. Gradually, I completed 30 years of my age, therewith all my hopes were over. It seemed that nothing good could happen in my life. 

The Final Selection

After 30 years of age, I stopped my preparation, kept all the books and study material in the cupboard and started to lead a life as usual. But still, I kept on searching for the opportunities. Now even 32 years of my age were going to be completed, but to my surprise, RRB Scale2 notification came out a month before the completion of 32 years of my age. As meanwhile, I had obtained 2 years experience in the financial sector, as a last resort I appeared for RRB Scale 2 exam, for which I had put all my efforts to get it cleared. This was my last exam as after 32 years of age I was not eligible to appear for further exams. 3 months later the final result was declared. For 8 days after the declaration of result, I did not dare to see it, because I had lost all my faith in luck. Ultimately when I dared to see the final result then for some time I had lost my conscience. I did not understand anything. I could not believe my eyes seeing my name on the list. And here today, I am writing my success story, how it went from being a salesman to a RRB Scale II officer.

This story is an inspiration for all those who lose hope just after one failure. Remember, if one door is closed, another opens. Keep chasing your dreams. 

Nilesh Moroliya 
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