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Static Gk Quiz on National Parks- 2

Published on Saturday, May 19, 2018
Static Gk Quiz on National Parks- 2

Question 1:

Valmiki National Park situated in
a). Gujarat
b). Assam
c). Bihar
d). Haryana

e). Delhi


Valmiki National Park, tiger reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the India-Nepal border in the West Champaran district of Bihar, India on the bank of river Gandak. It is the only National park in Bihar.

Question 2:

which of the following National Parks are in Andhra Pradesh?
i). Papikonda National Park
ii). Vansda National Park
iii). Sri Venkateshwara National Park

a). Only i
b). Only ii
c). Only i&ii
d). Only iii
e). Only i&iii


i). Papikonda National Park and Sri Venkateshwara National Park is in Andhra Pradesh
ii). Vansda National Park is in Gujarat.

Question 3: 

Blackbuck National Park is located in Bhavnagar district of
a). Gujarat
b). Jharkhand
c). Chhattisgarh
d). Bihar
e). Uttar Pradesh


Blackbuck National Park at Velavadar is situated in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat state, India and established in 1976.

Question 4: 

Orang National Park is located in
a). Arunachal Pradesh
b). Sikkim
c). Mizoram
d). Assam
e). Meghalaya


The Orang National Park also known as (Rajiv Gandhi orang national park) located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River in the Darrang and Sonitpur districts of Assam, India. It was established as a sanctuary in 1985 and declared a national park on 13 April 1999.

Question 5: 

Which of the following National Park is in Arunachal Pradesh?
a). Mouling National Park
b). Nameri National Park
c). Namdapha National Park
d). Only i&ii
e). Only i&iii


National Parks is Arunachal Pradesh: Namdapha National Park & Mouling National Park.

Question 6: 

Kalesar National Park is located in which state?
a). Himachal Pradesh
b). Haryana
c). Madhya Pradesh
d). Goa
e). Jharkhand


Kalesar National Park and adjacent Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary are protected areas in Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana state in India. Kalesar is a popular destination for leopards, panthers, elephants, red jungle fowl and bird-watching.

Question 7: 

Match the following
a). Indravati National Park        i). Goa
b). Galathea National Park       ii). Chhattisgarh
c). Mollen National Park           iii). Gujarat
d). Vansda National Park          iv). Andaman&Nicobar Islands

1). a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i
2). a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii
3). a-iii, b-i, c-iv, d-ii
4). a-iii, b-ii, c-i, d-iv
5). a-iv, b-iii, c-i, d-ii


Indravati National Park- Chhattisgarh, Galathea National Park- Andaman&Nicobar Islands, Mollen National Park- Goa, Vansda National Park – Gujarat.

Question 8:

Periyar National Park is located in
a). Karnataka
b). Tamil Nadu
c). Kerala
d). Andhra Pradesh
e). Maharashtra


Periyar National Park, also known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, is in the mountainous Western Ghats of Kerala, southern India. This wildlife sanctuary is home to tigers and a significant elephant population, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards and Indian bison.

Question 9: 

Balphakram National Park is situated in Garo hills of
a). Mizoram
b). Assam
c). Arunachal Pradesh
d). Meghalaya
e). Sikkim


Balphakram National Park is a national park in the Garo Hills in Meghalaya, India. It is often compared to the Grand Canyon National Park of United States. It is the home of the barking deer and the golden cat. Balphakram was inaugurated as the National Park on 27th December 1987.

Question 10: 

Which of the following National Parks are in Madhya Pradesh?
i). Pench National Park
ii). Madhav National Park
iii). Kanha National Park
iv). Satpura National Park

a). Only i&ii
b). Only ii&iii
c). Only i&iv
d). Only ii, iii&iv
e). All of the above


National Parks is Madhya Pradesh:
  • Pench National Park,
  • Madhav National Park, 
  • Kanha National Park 
  • Satpura National Park.

Question 11: 

Hemis National Park a high altitude national park which is famous for Snow Leopards is located in
a). Himachal Pradesh
b). Punjab
c). Haryana
d). Rajasthan
e). Jammu& Kashmir


Hemis National Park is a high altitude national park in the eastern Ladakh region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Globally famous for its snow leopards, it is believed to have the highest density of them in any protected area in the world. It is the only national park in India that is north of the Himalayas, the largest notified protected area in India (and thus the largest national park of India). The park was founded in 1981.

Question 12: 

Mukrurthi National Park which is famous for Nilgiri tahr a state animal. It is located in
a). Tamil Nadu
b). Karnataka
c). Rajasthan
d). Assam
e). Maharashtra


Mukurthi National Park (MNP) is located in the Nilgiris Plateau of Ootacamund hill station of Tamil Nadu state in the Western Ghats mountain range of South India. The park was previously known as Nilgiri Tahr National Park. And it was created to protect its keystone species, the Nilgiri tahr.

Question 13: 

Chandoli National Park is situated in
b). Gujarat
c). Maharashtra
d). Manipur
e). Kerala


Chandoli National Park is a natural World Heritage Site and National Park spread over Satara, Kolhapur and Sangli District, Maharashtra State, India. It is established in May 2004.Earlier it was a Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 1985.

Question 14: 

Sunderbans National Park located in West Bengal is famous for
a). Lion
b). Crocodile
c). Tiger
d). Buffalo
e). Leopard


The Sundarbans National Park is a National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal, India. It is part of the Sundarbans on the Ganges Delta. It is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. It was declared Sundarban Tiger Reserve in 1973 and a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. And on 4 May 1984 as a National Park. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site inscripted in 1987.

Question 15: 

Which of the following National Park are in Rajasthan?
i). Sariska National Park
ii). Keoladeo National Park
iii). Indira Gandhi National Park
iv). Neora Valley National Park

a). Only i&iv
b). Only ii&iii
c). Only i&ii
d). Only i, ii&iii
e). All of the above


  • Sariska National Park and Keoladeo National Park both are in Rajasthan.
  • Indira Gandhi National Park is in and Neora Valley National Park is in West Bengal.
  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park (previously as Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary) is located in Tamil Nadu.
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