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Is it too Late to Prepare for RBI Grade B Exam?

Published on Saturday, June 23, 2018
Preparing for RBI Grade B? You haven't missed the bus
Dear Candidate,
If you are planning to appear for RBI Grade B 2019 exam, then you must understand the significance of a strategy, a well-structured platform to study, comprehensive notes and a faculty to rely on. This is all we are offering in our RBI Grade B 2019 Course prepared by Team BankExamsToday. The course which commenced on June 11, 2018, already has 50+ enrollments of satisfied students and the numbers are increasing every day. We, in the very 10 initial days of the course, have completed many important concepts for Phase II and Phase I exam.
Here is the schedule of our course: June 11- June 22, 2018-

Phase I

Economic and Social Issues Finance and Management- Concepts Financial Terms
Economic Problem and Opportunity Cost- Video + Notes+ Quiz Derivative Part 1- Video Bonds- Video+Notes
Marginal Opportunity Cost- Video+notes+ Quiz Forward Contract- Video Derivative- Video
Consumer Behaviour Video 1+ Notes Difference Between Forward and Future Contract-Video Mutual Funds- Video+ Notes
Consumer Equilibrium Video +Notes Participation in Derivative Market- Video Debt Securitisations
Option Contract and Option Geek- Video Corporate Restructures- Video
What are swaps?- Video
Doubt Clearing- Video
Range and Participation of Forward Contract- Video

Link to the demo course

Link to join RBI Grade B 2019 course

Phase II

English Language

  1. Reading Comprehension Video I- Uploaded
  2. Reading Comprehension Video II- Uploaded
  3. Reading Comprehension Video III- Uploaded
 If you are wondering, you are lacking behind, then you must stop procrastinating and act swiftly. "Its Never too Late to Start Afresh " You still can avail the chance to be a part of our RBI Grade B 2019 Course.
All the video-lectures and notes will be available on your dashboard the day you purchase the course. The faculty will be prepared to answer your queries.

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