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Tricks to Learn Research Institutes of India

Published on Saturday, June 23, 2018
Tricks to Learn Research Institutes of India
Central and National Research Institutes are those which are funded by Central Govt. There are hundreds of Research Institutes all over India. Now, this topic also becomes an important part of static awareness for different Banking exams i.e. Clerk and PO.
Below is a list to remember most of the important Research Institutes in India.

1). Lucknow

Lakhs of Research Institutes of Drug, Botany, Medicine, Plants opens in world leading to Toxicity.
Trick Research Institute
Drug/ Lakhs Central Drug Research Institute
Medicine Plants/ Lakhs Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Botany/ Lakhs National Botanical Research Institute
Toxicity/ Lakhs Industrial Toxicology Research Institute

2). Nagpur

Rajeev ne Nagpur main Cotton par IP rights ke liye case file kiya
Trick Research Institute
Cotton/ Nagpur Central Institute for Cotton Research
IP Rights/ Nagpur Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management

3). Navi Mumbai

Navi broke Security in Mumbai Market
Trick Research Institute
Security Market/ Navi Mumbai National Institute of Securities Market

4). Delhi

Every year lakhs of Tourist (Sailani) visits Indian Soil of Delhi to learn the Diverse Culture on the Roads, Agriculture, and Disaster Proof Urban Planning. They also encountered Labor Force suffering from Malaria.
Trick Research Institute
Road/ Delhi Central Road Research Institute
Soil Sailani/ Delhi Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
Culture/ Delhi Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
Agriculture/ Delhi Indian Agriculture Research Institute
Urban Planning/ Delhi National Institute of Urban Affairs
Disaster/ Delhi National institute of Disaster Management
Labor Force/ Delhi VV Giri National Labor Institute
Malaria/ Delhi All India Malaria Institute

5). Manesar

Mama ka Brain sahi karane hum Mana tak gaye.
Trick Research Institute
Brain/ Mana National Brain Research Institute

6). Pune

Viru opens a Film and Television Studio in Pune and providing Road Transport Facility from Tropical Metro Cities and Stations.
Trick Research Institute
Road Transport/ Pune Central Institute of Road Transport
Tropical Metro/ Pune Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology
Film Studio/ Pune Film and Television Institute of India
Viru/ Pune Central Institute of Virology

7). Ranchi

Rani a Psychiatrist at Mine Planning and Design Institute warns authority to use Natural Raisins as synthetic ones affecting Gums of workers.
Trick Research Institute
Psychiatrist/ Rani Central Institute of Psychiatry
Mine Planning / Rani Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited
Natural raisins Gums/ Rani Indian Institute of Natural Gums and Raisins

8). Allahabad

Allu arjun takes care of Health and Occupation of Labors working under severe condition in his Textile Industries.
Trick Research Institute
Health Occupation/ Allu National Institute of Occupational Health
Textile Industries./ Allu Textile Research Institute


She Chopped Potato, and cut from knife and mix it with Rice , to serve with famous Coconut Chutney of Kerala in Combination with Sugar Dahi and Cat-Hish bread to her Husband’s Friends and in surprise her Husband gifts her Diamond bought from Surat
Trick Research Institute Place
Diamond/ Surat Indian Diamond Institute Surat
Cat-Bread/ His Cattle Breeding Institute Hisar
Rice/ Cut Central Rice Research Institute Cuttack
Potato/ She Central Potato Research Institute Shimla
Coconut Chutney/ Kerala Central Coconut Research Institute Kerala
Sugar/ Combo Central Sugarcane Research Institute Coimbatore


Durga a Mechanical Engineer and her Friend Vishakha working as Petroleum and Energy Expert went to attend a seminar on Scientific Instruments at Chandigarh conducted by National Institute of Ocean Graphy and Panaji foundation where they meet her old college friend Bhavna working as expert at Salt and Marine Institute.
Trick Research Institute Place
Scientific Instruments/ Chandigarh Central Scientific Instruments Organization Chandigarh
Salt and Marine Institute/ Bhavna Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute Bhavnagar
Ocean Graphy/ Panaji National Institute of Oceanography Panaji
Mechanical Engineer/ Durga Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur
Petroleum and Energy/ Vishaka Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy Vishakhapatnam

11). Kolkata

Swami of Kolkata a Homeopathy doctor at Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, watch Satyajit Ray Film on Sunday and join Jaat cooperation movement against Glass and Ceramic Industry affecting environment.
Trick Research Institute
Glass Ceramic Ind./ Kolkata Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
Homeopathy dr./ Kolkata National Institute of Homeopathy
Satyajit Film/ Kolkata Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
Hygiene and public/ Kolkata All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health
Jaat Cooperation/ Kolkata Central Jute Technological Corporation

12). Kanpur

Kannu did Research in Sugar and Pulses.
Trick Research Institute
Pulses/ Kannu Indian Institute of Pulses Research
Sugar/ Kannu National Sugar Institute

13). Bengaluru

Nehru ji and Raman Planted an college of Science Research and Physics in Mental Health and Tuberculosis in Bengaluru
Trick Research Institute
Mental Health/ Bengaluru National Institute of Mental Health and Allied Science
Tuberculosis/ Bengaluru National Tuberculosis Institute

14). Bhopal

Bhola is doing Multi Project Research in Agriculture Soil and Forest
Trick Research Institute
Agriculture/ Bhola Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering
Forest/ Bhola Indian Institute of Forest Management
Soil/ Bhola Indian Institute of Soil Science

15). Chennai

Chennai based Mathematician Brock is developing a method to measure waves intensity of Oceans using Plastic Technology
Trick Research Institute
Brock/ Chennai Central Institute of Brackish Water Agriculture
Plastic/ Chennai Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology
Ocean/ Chennai National Institute of Ocean Technology

16). Calicut

Kali movie of Rajnikant has spice comedy
Trick Research Institute
Spice/ Kali Indian Institute of Spice Research

17). Dhanbad

Dhanbad is Famous for Its Fuel Rich Mining Ores.
Trick Research Institute
Fuel Rich/ Dhanbad Central Fuel Research Institute
Mining Ores/ Dhanbad Central Mining Research Institute

18). Mumbai

Jacob Mumba ne Cancer ka ilaaz (Diagnose) Fish ki genes se dhund nikala.
Trick Research Institute
Fish/ Mumba Central Institute of Fisheries Education
Cancer/ Mumba Indian Cancer Research Institute

19). Mysore

Raja ne Indian Language sikhne ke liye Mashoor (Famous) Food Technology Institute main admission liya.
Trick Research Institute
Food Technology Institute/Mashoor Central Food Technological Research Institute
Indian Language/ Mashoor Central Institute of Indian Languages

20). Hyderabad

Haider uses Dry Chemical to Construct an Nutrition institute for Molecular Biology
Trick Research Institute
Dry/ Haider Central Research Institute for Dry Land Agriculture
Construction/ Haider National Academy of Construction
Nutrition/ Haider National Institute of Nutrition
Rural/ Haider National Institute of Rural Development
Biology/ Haider Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology

21). Adyar

Aditya Imports Leather from Chennai
Trick Research Institute
Aditya/ Leather Central Leather Research Institute

22). Avikanagar

Avi takes her sheep Wolverine to Rajasthan
Trick Research Institute
Avi/ Sheep Wolverine Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute

23). Bhubaneswar

Bhuvi drinks Fresh Water while doing his Research in Educational Physics
Trick Research Institute
Fresh Water/ Bhuvi Central Institute of Fresh Water Agriculture

24). Dehradun

India found Petroleum refinery in dense Forests using Remote Sensing Technology in Doon
Trick Research Institute
Remote/ Doon Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Forests/ Doon Central Forest Research Institute

25). Goa

Goa launches water sports photography challenge in Indian ocean
Trick Research Institute
Water Sports/ Goa National Institute of Water Sports
Ocean Photography/ Goa National Institute of Oceanography (other in kochi,Mumbai& Vizag)

26). Faridabad

Farid sells supplement to Power the Animals for their welfare
Trick Research Institute
Animal Welfare/ Farid National Institute of Animal Welfare
Power/ Farid National Power Training Institute

27). Bareilly

Ayushman plays a role of Veteran surgeon in Bareilly ki Barfi.
Trick Research Institute
Veteran/ Bareilly Indian Veterinary Research Institute

28). Roorkee

Hydra opens new facility in Roorkee
Trick Research Institute
Hydra/ Roorkee National Institute of Hydrology (Other in Belgaum, Karnataka)

29). Cochin

Coach asks team to include fish in diet
Trick Research Institute
Fish / Coach Central Institute of Fisheries, Nautical and Engineering Training

30). Gandhi Nagar

Kamlesh G. Nagarkoti is just 18+ (Plus) to play in IPL.
Trick Research Institute
18+ (Plus)/ G. Nagar Institute for Plasma Research

31). Gurgaon

Guru issues Food Security Alert not to eat roadside food during monsoon.
Trick Research Institute
Food Security/ Guru Institute of Food Security

32). Jaipur

I usually go to Jaipur for Marketing our Agricultural Product
Trick Research Institute
Agricultural/ Marketing National Institute of Agriculture Marketing

33). Karnal

Karn opens a mother Dairy branch in Haryana.
Trick Research Institute
Dairy/ Karn National Dairy Research Institute

34). Patiala

Subash took admission in Patiala University of Sports.
Trick Research Institute
Subash Sports/ Patiala Univ. Netaji Subash National Institute of Sports

35). Pilani

Dhanraj Holds a degree in Electronics Engg. From Bits Pilani.
Trick Research Institute
Electronics/ Pilani Central Electronics and Engineering Research Institute
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