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Global Hunger Index 2020- Summary

Published on Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Global Hunger Index 2020- Summary


  • Global Hunger Index is a device used to identify and check the intensity of hunger at regional, national and global levels. Through GHI, we can compare hunger levels among various regions and countries, create awareness, implement corrective measures to reduce and eliminate hunger in the severely affected areas. Global Hunger Index 2020 report is jointly published by Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide.

GHI Calculation Method:

  • Designing a measure to calculate hunger is not easy. GHI is calculated using the following three steps:
  • For every country, data is collected under the following four parameters: undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting and child mortality.
  • A standardized score on a 100 point scale is given for all the four parameters individually.
  • Individual standardized scores are aggregated to calculate the GHI score for each country.
  • After following these three steps, GHI Severity Scale is prepared to measure the degree of hunger, where 0 means no hunger and 100 means the level of hunger is alarmingly high and requires prompt action to combat the situation.

Global Findings:

  • The list is topped by 17 countries with a score less than 5. These countries include Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Cuba, Kuwait, China, Croatia and Costa Rica.
  • Madagascar, Timor and Chad are ranked 105, 106 and 107 respectively. These three are the worst affected countries.
  • Hunger is high in the Africa South of the Sahara region and South Asia, whose scores are 27.8 and 26 respectively.
  • Worldwide hunger is at a moderate level.
  • Around 690 million people are undernourished globally.
  • 144 million children are affected by child stunting
  • 47 million children suffer from child wasting.
  • 5% of children die before their fifth birthday, because of undernutrition.
  • Child Mortality is very high in the Africa South of the Sahara Region. 
  • South Asia accounts for the largest number of undernourished people in the world. 

India Specific Findings:

  • Although India has shown steady improvements in the ranking compared to last year, it still remains in the serious hunger category. Key points under India specific findings are:
    • India with GHI score 27.2, is ranked 94 among the 107 countries. In 2019, the rank was 102 out of 117 countries.
    • In India, Child Wasting Rate is 17.3%, which is classified as extremely high.
    • 14% of the Indian population is undernourished.
    • Child Stunting Rate under 5 years is 34.7%.
    • Under 5 mortality rate is 3.7%. The child Mortality rate has dramatically decreased in India. However deaths because of prematurity, low birth weight is still high, predominantly in poorer states and rural areas.
    • The neighbouring countries have ranked higher in the Index. Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan are ranked 75th, 78th and 88th positions respectively.


  • Some of the key facts of the Global Hunger Index 2020 are:
    • GHI 2020 gives special focus on Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nepal.
    • It is evident from the findings, that the second Sustainable Development Goal - Zero Hunger, would not be met by 2030.
    • The impact of Covid-19 in hunger and undernutrition has not been reflected in the findings
    • Overall, 132 countries were assessed to prepare the Index. However, there was no adequate data from 25 countries. Hence rankings are given only for 107 countries.
    • GHI 2020 has come up with a holistic approach called “One Health, Zero Hunger". Sustainable practices in agriculture and giving importance to the overall well-being of mankind as well as the environment, will help us to reduce hunger.


Ques: 1: What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index 2020?
a. 102
b. 105
c. 94
d. 98
e. 100

Answer: c
: India is ranked 94 among 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020, with the score 27.2.

Ques: 2: Global Hunger Index 2020 is released by-
a. World Food Programme
b. United Nations Development Programme
c. Welthungerhilfe 
d. Concern Worldwide
e. Both C and D

Answer: e
Global Hunger Index 2020 is jointly releases by Welthungerhilfe, a German NGO and Concern Worldwide, an Irish Humanitarian Agency.
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