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Future of Work Report: Key Facts

Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Future of Work Report: Key Facts


  • The report is released by International Labour Organization (ILO).

Key Findings

  • The job creation has been positive from 1991 to 2016 however growth in job remained below population growth.
  • Total employment in 2016 stood at 3.2 bn.
  • There have been significant gains in social protection for workers.
  • Female labour participation increased considerably over the past years and at present stands at 49% which is 27% below that of males.
  • There has been improvement in effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of forced or compulsory labour, abolition of child labour and elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
  • The share of employed persons in emerging and developing countries living in extreme poverty fell from over 50% in 1991 to just over 10% in 2016.
  • New forces are transforming the world of work.


  • Job creation has not been sufficient to absorb the growth in the number of people seeking jobs.
  • ILO observes that though workers have become increasingly productive the benefits of their work have increasingly accrued to capital income.
  • Women are still paid less than 20% that of men.
  • Climate change has affected lives and livelihoods of millions across globe.
  • Concerns about job quality have grown with the advent of gig economy and growing contractual and non-standard forms of employment.
  • Digital divide remains a key challenge for skill development.
  • In developing countries changing population dynamics have led to a bulge in proportion of the young population entering the labour market.
  • The ageing population in developed countries is increasing pressure on those of working age.
  • New technological innovations will bring great impact on the nature of work and result in job orientation.
  • Large number of workers still works for long hours and millions die of work-related accidents every year.

Way Forward 

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