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City Momentum Index 2019: Highlights

Published on Monday, February 18, 2019
City Momentum Index 2019: Highlights


  • The report is published by Joneslanglasalle (JLL). JLL is a leading professional services firm that expert in real estate and investment management. The report covers 131 major established and emerging markets and discovers cities that have the most powerful short-term economic and real estate market momentum. It does so by tracking a range of socio-economic and commercial real estate indicators over a three-year period to identify the urban economies and real estate markets undergoing the most rapid expansion. The city index presents a weighted overall score for the sub-scores of 20 variables. For each variable, the model computes a score based on the city’s performance relative to the distribution of all 131 city regions, scaled from zero to one. The top scoring city has a value of 1.

Key Findings

  • Silicon Valley of India Bangalore is the World’s most dynamic city among 131 major established and emerging business hubs globally as stated by sixth CMI 2019.
  • Bangalore is followed by Hyderabad.
  • Other than these cities Delhi ranks fourth, Pune fifth and Chennai seventh featuring into 10 cities. At 15th position, Kolkata is the sixth Indian city ranked amongst the top 20.
  • 19 out of the top 20 countries are from Asia-Pacific. This shows the region’s rapid urbanisation and strong economic growth.
  • A key theme in this year’s index is of many of the top-ranking cities having a robust technology and innovation system.
  • Both Bangalore and Hyderabad have thriving information technology and start-up culture which helped them top the rankings.
  • Asia continues to show string momentum, with cities that are prosperously expanding their renovation economy punching above their weight in terms of attracting capital, companies and people.
  • Top five Countries:
    1. Bangalore
    2. Hyderabad
    3. Hanoi
    4. Delhi
    5. Pune
  • The absence and European and American cities demonstrate a marked East-West growth divide driven by globalization, innovation and demographic factors.
  • The only non-Asian city on the list is Nairobi which ranks at 6th place which is heavily influenced by the significant amount of infrastructure focussed investment from China.
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