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World Wealth Report 2019: Key Facts

Published on Friday, July 26, 2019
World Wealth Report 2019: Key Facts


  • The report has covered 71 countries which accounted for more than 98% of global gross national income and also 99% of the world stock market capitalization. The report has been developed by Capgemini based on its Lorenz Curve methodology. High net worth individuals (HNWI), their wealth and global and economic conditions are tracked by the report. This is the 23rd such report.

Key Findings

  • There has been a decline of 3% in overall global HNWI in 2018 and this has been observed after seven years of continuous growth.
  • This has been observed mainly due to drop in wealth in the Asia-Pacific region especially China.
  • This decline has resulted in the loss of 2 trillion US dollars worldwide.
  • There has been a decline of 0.3% and 3% respectively in the global HNWI population and wealth respectively. As mentioned earlier Asia-Pacific region has been hit the hardest.
  • China alone has been mainly responsible for 53% loss in Asia-Pacific and more than of 25% globally.
  • The region-wise decline of HNWI is as follows:
    • Latin America - 4%
    • North America - 1%
    • Europe - 3%
  • The Middle East has generated 4% growth in wealth whereas 6% in population mainly due to better economic conditions.
  • Countries with the largest HNWI populations which roughly covers 61% of global HNWI population are US, Japan, Germany, China.
  • There has been a decline of 4% and 6% in ultra-HNWI populations and their wealth respectively.
  • The asset allocation has shifted and cash became the largest asset.
  • It is expected that firms and managers will face disruptive challenges with an increased acceptance of new technologies.
  • Emerging technologies such as AI, Digital analytics and automation will need to be given vital importance in order to address client needs and implement insight based solutions.
  • The link for info graphic chart.
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