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The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019

Published on Wednesday, September 25, 2019
The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019


  • The report is published by World Economic Forum. The report is published biennially. It ranks 140 economies which are divided in four sub-indexes i.e. enabling environment, travel & tourism policy & enabling conditions, infrastructure and natural and cultural resources.

Key Highlights

  • Spain has topped the index for the third consecutive time.
  • Spain is followed by France and Germany.
  • Top 10 performers are :
    1. Spain 
    2. France 
    3. Germany 
    4. Japan 
    5. Unites States 
    6. United Kingdom 
    7. Australia 
    8. Italy 
    9. Canada
    10. Switzerland 
  • Countries ranked at the bottom are : 
    • 136. Congo, Dem. Republic 
    • 137. Burundi 
    • 138. Liberia 
    • 139. Chad 
    • 140. Yemen 
  • India had the greatest improvement over 2017 among top 25% of all countries.
  • Egypt had the best improvement among the countries ranked between 36 & 70.
  • The Europe and Eurasia region is the most competitive which has six of the top ten economies. 
  • Asia-Pacific is the second-most competitive region in which Japan leads the way. Eastern pacific is the most competitive sub region in Asia-Pacific. 
  • Pakistan is the least competitive country in the South Asia. 
  • America is the third highest scoring region in which United States is top ranked economy. It improved the most on ICT readiness and price competitiveness. 

Performance of India

  • India has been ranked at 34th place moving up by six places.
  • It is also the greatest improvement among top 25 % countries over 2017.
  • India is the only lower-middle income country in top 35.
  • India is also the most competitive economy in South Asian region.
  • India also has better air and ground and port infrastructure, international openness and natural and cultural resources.


Q: 1. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index is published by which one of the following organisation?
a. World Bank
b. International Monetary Fund
d. World Economic Forum

Q: 2. India has been ranked at ____ in The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019?
a. 34th
b. 36th
c. 38th
d. 40th
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