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State of the World's Children Report 2019: Highlights

Published on Wednesday, November 20, 2019
State of the World's Children Report 2019: Highlights
  • The State of the World's Children Report 2019 has been released by the UNICEF in the year 2019.

How are the categorization and ranking developed?

  • The categorization, as well as ranking, has been done based on the ‘highest burden of death among children of under-5’ to the ‘lowest burden of death among children of under-5’.
  • Well, to put it in another light it can safely be said that the State of the World's Children Report 2019 is the most comprehensive report UNICEF’s on children, food and nutrition in 20 years.

Some major findings of the report with respect to the Global scenario:

  1. It is clear that with respect to children below 5 years of age, almost one third are undernourished.
  2. Almost 5 Crore children are directly or indirectly affected due to the severe problem of wasting. Due to extreme poverty thinness of bodies is evident in the children, and this is termed as wasting.
  3. Only 2 out of every 5 infants get breastfeeding from their mothers. This is undoubtedly a major reason why children are undernourished.
Bangladesh comprises 46% of children who are under five and are stunted or malnourished.

Most important findings with respect to India:-

  1. In every 3 children under the age of 5 years, one child is undernourished or is overweight.
  2. In every 2 children, one child suffers from hidden hunger.
  • Malnutrition is a serious concern when it comes to the scenario that is faced in India.
  • Consumption of processed food is rising by leaps and bounds in India. As a result, the consumption of non-processed and seasonal foods which are fresh and rich in nutrients is slowly and gradually declining. This not only affects the overall health of the children but also indirectly affects the health of the mother as well.

Steps were taken by the Government of India to tackle the problems

  • POSHAN Abhiyaan (National Nutrition Mission) by the Ministry of Women and child development: - Under this scheme, social audits will take place and height measurements of children at Anganwadi centres will also be undertaken. It will help in the overall improvement of the present condition.
  • Anemia Mukt Bharat program:- This program has been launched to fight the problem of prevalence of anaemia. 

Recommendations by UNICEF for children all over the Globe:

  1. Families need to be empowered so that they have reduced demand for unhealthy synthesized food.
  2. Food suppliers should be made aware so that they supply healthy and affordable food.
  3. Need for proper labelling that is legible to all.
  4. Proper maintenance of hygiene.
  5. Analysis of the collected data needs to be done so that the improvements can be tracked on a global scale.


Q: 1.In Bangladesh what percentage of children are stunted?
E. 48%
Answer: C

In Bangladesh, about 49% of children who are under the age of 5 years, are stunted.

Q: 2. The Indian Government had launched Poshan Abhiyaan. Under which ministry was it launched?
A.Ministry of Culture
B.Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
C.Ministry of Earth Sciences
D.Ministry of Women and Child Development
E. None of these
Answer: D

As mentioned in the above article, option D is the correct answer.

Q: 3. State of the World's Children Report 2019 has been released by which organization?
Answer: C

As mentioned clearly in the passage UNICEF has released this report.
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