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BOM Generalist Officer 2020: Exam Analysis

Published on Monday, February 24, 2020
BOM Generalist Officer 2020: Exam Analysis
Hello students,
Bank of Maharashtra Generalist Officer exam(Scale 2) held on 22 February 2020. Most of the questions asked from the "Financial Awareness" section of our BoM Generalist Officer course.

Reasoning Ability

Topic No. of Questions Level
Puzzle (Circle +Line) 10 Moderate
Seating Arrangement 5 Moderate
Machine Input-Output 5 Moderate
Syllogism 5 Easy
Statement & Assumption and Statement & Conclusion 5 Easy
Inequality 2 Moderate
Data Sufficiency 3 Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude

Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation 10 Easy
Quadratic Equation & Inequality 5 Easy
Ranking 1 Moderate
Profit & Loss 1 Moderate
Probability 2 Moderate
Problem of Ages 1 Moderate
Boat and Stream 1 Moderate
Number Series 6 Easy
Time & Work 1 Moderate
Geometry (Cylinder Based Questions) 5 Moderate
Others 2 Moderate


Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 10 Easy
Rearrangement 5 Easy
Error Spotting 5 Easy
Double Fillers 5 Easy
Sentence Connector 5 Easy

List of Professional Knowledge Questions asked

Ques.1 Letter of administration

Ques.2 Noting under negotiable instrument

Ques.3 Section 24 Slr

Ques.4 Section 17 promissory notes

Ques.5 Debt securitization meaning

Ques.6 Deferred payment guarantee.

Ques.7 Revolving lc

Ques.8 As per RBI trade credit policy (revised), which of the following is wrongly brought out in "All in cost".
  1. Expenses
  2. Withholding tax payment in INR.
  3. Other fees
Ques.9 If a person having BSBDA Account wants to open a normal savings account, within how many days shall the person close his/her BSBDA Account

Ques.10 If the camera does place in currency chest branch then how many penalties by RBI

Ques.11 Export credit limit in Psl.
Ans: 40cr

Ques.12 Negotiable instrument means?

Ques.13 Negotiable instrument started from which act?
Ans: 1881

Ques.14 Senior citizen pension excessive wrong credit will be recovered in___:1/3 of next pension amount?

Ques.15 You have a partnership account with A & B and in which C is account who is authorized, signatory. If you intimated to the bank as B expired. Next, C has come clear the cheque which is in clearing....what will you do in that situation?

Ques.16 A note which, has become dirty due to usage and also includes a two-piece note pasted together wherein both the pieces presented belong to the same note and form the entire note. the type of note is?
Ans: Soiled note

Ques.17 RBI checking officer will come to the branch for denominations and soiled notes calculation on which period basis....?

Ques.18 RBI bank will collect the soiled and imperfect notes from which of the below.

a. PSBs
b. Payment banks
c. RRBs
d. Commercial scheduled banks
e. Small finance bank
Ans: a, c, d only.

Ques.19 RBI has directed all UCBs having total assets of___and above as on 31st March of the previous Financial year to report exposure on all borrowers having aggregate exposure of____and more to CRIAIL?
Ans: 500cr, 5cr.

Ques.20 BBPS system expanded by____
Ans: Recurring payments

Ques.21 NBFC P2P platform limit---
Ans: 50 lakhs

Ques.22 Tapan Ray committee name__
Ans: CIC

Ques.23 Priority sector lending limit for PSBs and RRBs __
Ans: 40% of ANBC

Ques.24 Bimal Jalan committee related to _

Ques.25 PMJDY eligibility age criteria?
Ans: 18-59 years

Ques.26 An additional factor of authentication has transaction limit____
Ans: Rs 2000/-

Ques.27 Rtgs cut off timings?
Ans: 4:30pm to 6:00 pm
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