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Guide to IBPS Exam Preparations

Published on Friday, December 20, 2013
While starting preparation for PO exam candidate first must identify his/her strength & weakness i.e. whether his/her strength is Quant or Verbal, suppose his/her strength is Quant then he/she should focus on other to strengthen them, but it doesn’t mean that they stop practicing Quant. Once candidate identify this then he/she should follow second step. 

For clearing PO exam candidate should divide his/her time for each section depending on his/her strengths. For e.g.
  • Reasoning = 35 minutes 33-35 questions 
  • Quant / DI = 42-43 minutes 33-35 questions 
  • Verbal (Eng) = 22-23 minutes 35-40 questions 
  • GK/Comp = 12-13/8-10 minutes 50-55 questions 
Rest is on candidate how he/she compensate or adjust extra or less time & these number of attempted question depends on the difficulty level of exam, so it might be less or high accordingly.

Now candidate should start practicing i.e. pick any book which has previous question papers & try to solve these papers in 120 minutes according to time allotment as done in step II. Practice as much as you can as this will build your speed and accuracy in the given time.


It is all about candidate’s analytic skills & these skills can only be developed by practice & a lot of practice. But there are few questions which according to me are easy & doable in less time. For e.g.
  • Language coding & decoding is very simple & easy & it hardly takes 2-3 minutes & candidate can attempt 5-6 questions based on it.
  • Input/output is also easy one & doable in 2-3 minutes & again questions based on it are 5-6.
  • Draw conclusions on the basis of given information & course of action on the basis of given information are in easy category.
By attempting these questions candidate will be able to do at least 15 questions in 7-8 minutes or hardly 10 minutes. Now candidate can attempt other sets which are doable according to him/her. With this he/she will be able to attempt at least 30-35 questions in 35 minutes depending on the difficulty level of exam.


For quant there is no hard & fast rule to identify easy ones. In this section candidate by himself/herself identify that in which chapters he/she is good such as Profit n Loss, Speed, Time & Distance, Ratio-Proportions, SI/CI etc.

Calculations can be made fast by learning tables, Squares & Cubes of numbers up to 30.

Candidate should avoid time wasting on a particular question, read it once or twice if he/she find it doable then go for it otherwise move forward, there will be easy questions for sure.

One of the DI sets is also easy for sure because question paper is set for every level easy, average & difficult. Try to avoid sets which needs a lot of calculation because there are chances of mistake & time wastage as well, but if candidate is sure & confident in his/her calculations then do it.

Don’t give more than 3-4 minutes on an average to any questions & 5-6 minutes to any DI set.

Try to solve data insufficiency questions as these are easy ones. & minimum 5 in numbers.


For this section read as much newspaper as you can, this will not only add to your current affairs, but also will help you in learning grammar & vocab.

For comprehension passage try to read editorial page as this will help you in understanding comprehension passages in exam & also raise the level of your grammar & vocab.

In exam candidate must attempt fill in the blanks as it covers your 10 questions and are also easy ones.

Passage is also must as it covers your 10-15 questions.

If you think that passage is wastage of time then at least try to attempt its questions based on antonyms & Synonyms & are easy to attempt as it doesn’t need to read whole passage & it will cover your 5-6 questions.


Read any book covering every topic but not in detail, means just provide overview of the topic as questions are not so difficult.

Try to give more focus on MS Office.

Don’t give more than 8-10 minutes in this section.

Current Awareness/Banking/GK

For this section read newspapers daily such as HT & the Economic Times, according to me these two newspapers will be enough to cover your CA.

Watch DD news at 6:30 pm & at 9:00 pm, as this will cover your business & national & international news.

There are always news coming at the bottom of the TV screen on DD news under the heads of National, World, Business & Sports, read these headlines & if you find anything important just note it down.

Banking questions are not so difficult so buy any book which provides basic knowledge about banking such as “Banking Awareness” of Arihant publications.

All this information is given on the basis of personal experience, readers are requested to use their own discretion while preparing. If there is any resemblance of this information is on internet, in books or in any other form that is just mere co-incidence.

Written By :-
Deepak Gautam
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