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Logical Reasoning Concepts - Part 2

Published on Saturday, December 21, 2013
Hello Friends,
Hope you had enjoyed my previous article on Logical Reasoning Concepts. Today let us check our understanding of the concepts learned in previous article.
Please go through following question and try to answer
 Question 1 - Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a closed Circle facing the center. A is facing D. C is between A and B. F is between E and A. Who is to the immediate left of B?
(a) A   (b) C   (c) D   (d) E   (e) can’t say

Answer -  (e)

Lets try another one

Question 2 - A group of eight members sit in a circle. D is neighbor of A and is opposite to G. E is to the right of a but on the left of C, whose right hand neighbor is G. B enjoys having H to his left and F to his right. Between F and H, F is closer to G.
A. Find the member who is diagonally opposite to A?
(a)    B (b) F (c) G(d) H (e) can’t say
B. What is the sequence in clockwise direction
(a)    ADHBFGCE  (b) AECGFBHD (c) AECGHBFD (d) ADFBHGCE (e) can’t say

Answer – A. - (b), B. – (e)

If someone is getting a different answer for question 1 or 2A or 2B, please put up your logic in comments section below. I will try to find the flaw in your logic and reply.

Have a nice time
Rahul Ranjan
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