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Lokpal - History, Working and Amendments

Published on Thursday, December 19, 2013
Hi readers, to continue with our Interview Preparation Series, I’m covering an important topic Lok Pal Bill, which may be asked in IBPS PO interviews. So read it and make notes such that you can face the bouncer inside the interview hall.

What is a Lok Pal

Lok Pal is an ombudsman in India who will fight against the complaints of corruption against PM, Other Ministers and MP’s. Its jurisdiction will cover all classes’ public servants.

It will help investigation and trail to get completed within two years. A big solution against corruption such that cases don’t continue for years.

The Lok Pal is taken from Sanskrit as it means, Lok i.e. People and Pala i.e. Protector or Caretaker so Lok Pal means Caretaker of People.

Member of Lok Pal

  • Lok Pal will constitute of a chairperson and a maximum of 8 members. 
  • Out of these 50% will be Judicial Members 
  • Rest 50% will be from ST’s, SC’s, OBC’s, Minorities and Women 
Selection of Chairperson and member of Lok Pal will be done by a selection committee consisting of Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Chief Justice of India or a sitting Supreme Court Judge. A fifth member of the selection committee for selection of Lokpal under the category of "eminent jurist" may be nominated by the President on the basis of recommendation of the first four members of the selection committee.

Brief History of Lok Pal

  • First coined by Dr. L.M. Singhvi in 1963 
  • Law Minister Ashoke Kumar Sen first proposed the concept of Constitutional Ombudsman 
  • The bill was introduced in 1969 and subsequent years many times but was never passed. 
  • After several protest by Anna Hazare the bill did passed on December 27, 2011 and enacted on December 18, 2013. 
  • President’s approval is required to make it a law. 

What it means for Common Citizen

If the work of any common man is not completed in stipulated time, then the concerned guilty officer is to be penalized. It will be given as compensation to the complainant.

So in case of delay in grant of Ration Card, Voter Card, Passport or even Police not registering a case, Lok Pal can be approached.

Amendments in Lok Pal

Following are the major amendments in the Bill which you must highlight in your interview, if asked

1) States to set up Lokayuktas by law within 365 days. No interference from centre.

2) Societies, Trusts, NGO’s that collect public money, receives funding from foreign sources and income level above a certain threshold are also under the jurisdiction of Lok Pal

3) To keep CBI independent, a Director of Prosecution will be formed. Appointment to be done under the recommendation of Central Vigilance Commissioner

4) Imprisonment up to one year and fine up to Rs. 1, 00,000 for false complaints. Public Servant of found guilty can be punished with imprisonment up to 7 years and criminal mis conduct may attract 10 years of jail term.

5) Inquiry to be completed within 60 days and investigation to be completed within 6 months.

6) Lokpal shall order a probe only after hearing the public servant.

7) Inquiry against PM has to be held in-camera and approved by two-thirds of full bench of Lokpal.

8) Funding: All expenses to be charged to the Consolidated Fund of India.

Team Anna

India against Corruption (IAC) together with Team Anna played a major role to get the support of masses towards the formation of Lok Pal Bill. Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal were the other faces of this movement.

Source: Wikipedia, Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Against Corruption

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