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Detailed IBPS PO Interview Experience and Analysis

Published on Monday, January 06, 2014

Interview Experience - Bangalore - 5 January

Hi friends, myself Yash from Bangalore, i had interview today (5-01-2014), at syndicate bank (corporate office), national games village, koramangala, Bangalore. my interview was scheduled at 1:00 pm, i reached venue by 11:30 am , since there were only few candidates in the first session (16 out of 25 were present,few are rejected), they started document verification by 12:00 pm , Document verification process was very stringent, please do carry all the required documents as specified by IBPS,

After document verification i was asked to wait for interview, there was only one panel to conduct interview, post lunch break i was the first person to be called for interview. I entered the board room and wished all of them, there were four members in the panel ( all males in their fifties), they asked me to take seat with smile and made me to feel comfortable.

# M 1 (chairman of the panel) asked me to introduce myself.

# Then he asked about my family background

# next question was about my graduation

I said BE (EC) 2010 passed out.

# Then Immediate question what i was doing for past 3 yrs?

I said i was working as lecturer.

# Next question was about current and savings bank account

I explained clearly with illustrations.

# He asked about features of a bank cheque.

I explained

# then he asked me about validity of a cheque.

I said 3 months.( he said are you sure is it 2 or 3 months, just to confuse, i said i am not sure sir..!!!)

# Then he asked me about types of banks

I explained structure of Indian banking system.

# He asked whether co-operative banks come under the purview of RBI ?

I said yes sir..

# he asked are you sure ? ( just to confuse)

I said RBI controls co-operative banks that falls under the banking regulation act.

# Then he pointed member 2 to ask questions

# M 2 : For how many individuals does a cheque can be transferred successively ?

I said No idea sir.

# M 3 specifying my graduation discipline, asked me to explain about CBS.

I explained clearly about core banking and it's significance by specifying atm's , net banking etc..he said GOOD ( i felt that he was happy with my explanation ), while specifying the advantage of CBS even i mentioned that i applied for IBPS PO exam via net -banking.)

# M 4 : from the beginning he was just observing, by pretending as if he was not interested in the proceedings( busy with his cell), he posed one and only one question why banking ??

I answered, i felt that they were convinced.

# M 4 said OK mr yash you can leave...

# Immediately chairman interrupted and asked, whether PO job is a platform for Marriage ?

I said NO sir... then he himself said OK it's for livelihood and smiled.

#Then he asked me are you ready to relocate anywhere in India ? even if you posted to Ahmadabad ??
I said yes sir.. it's not an issue for me.

# He said that we are recording your interview (just kidding), later you should not deny posting by citing the reason of relocation (everyone laughed)

I said no sir..

# lastly they wished me GOOD LUCK, and i was asked to leave.. I came out with confidence...

ANALYSIS : Overall the experience was good, i felt happy with my performance, though i couldn't able to answer few questions correctly... The panel members were cordial, supportive, they just asked all basic questions, i felt that they were interested in candidates attitude, confidence level and overall personality rather than mere superficial knowledge, which can be learnt through proper training.

Other candidates were also of same opinion that interview was COOL... So don't be panic, give your best, be confident and GOODLUCK to all the candidates.

Please share your opinion about my interview in the comment section.

Yours friendly,


Interview Experince - Mumbai - 3 January

My interview was on 3 Jan,1:00 pm batch,Panel III at Bank of Maharashtra ,Bandra E ,Mumbai.I reached before time and document verification was done..People were cordial .
At 3:00 pm ,my number came.I seeked their permission and entered the room.4 people were sitting.All males.
I greeted them saying "Good Afternoon sir".They all replied well and asked me to sit.

1)Tell us about your self?
Ans- I answered about me,My background,Education,Experience.
2)So you are still working?
Ans-I said no sir...They didn't ask me the reason for why i left the job.
Ans I told them about the topics i prepared and tried to give a feel that i have covered various banking topics.

4)What do you know about Nationalization of banks?
Ans-Here i gave a background of indian banking scenario,requirement of nationalisation at that time in detail,how many and when the banks were nationalised,its importance ..All answere point wise
5)How many nationalised banks are here?
Ans I answered.
6)You have worked with ICICI Bank?What are the different verticals in a bank?
Ans I answered well.
7)What is channel Financing?
I had heard about the term but didn't remembered that time.
8)what is financial inclusion and why it is required?
I explained well about what is financial inclusion,its requirement and also explained steps taken by government like BSBDA Account,Electronic benefit transfer to such account,Easing of KYC norms and How can rural people can open account even if they don't have proper documents.

Tip-I forgot to mention priority sector lending here
8)What is CBS?
Ans I explained core banking solution well.and also explained its uses, its help and also stated that bcoz of this banks today are able to give anywhere banking.

9)What is clean note policy.?
Ans .I was not able to explain in detail but stated two points of clean note policy of RBI

Overall i felt me interview was Good.They seemed to be satisfied and happy.They didn't tried to cross question and pin point things.

Tip-I personally feel that preparing topics in detail and rather than in 1 line definition form helps.They are generally willing to listen about the topic asked so explain it point wise well If u know rather rater than beating around the bush.As in my case i felt,since
i tried to give relevant information in detail but not in a lengthy manner about the topic , they were willing to listen and didn't even cross questioned..If i would have answered in a very short manner ,probably more questions on same topic would have popped out.

Also dear friends,Try to speak slowly and clearly.This gives one time to think as well while speaking. Maintain your confidence,smile.Its biggest winner


Antra Bhatnagar,Mumbai
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