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IBPS PO Interview Experience 7 January

Published on Thursday, January 09, 2014
Name: Nikhil Bhardwaj
Qualification: B.Tech (ECE)
Venue: BOB Jaipur
date: 7/1/14
score: 73
panel: 2
time: 1 pm

I reached there at 12:30 pm. firstly I must tell you I faced the worst administration there, there was no one to receive us or to tell us what to do? all the candidates were in confusion, asking each other
what to do yaar? finally we asked a peon and he told us everything. then we waited for the doc verification. first candidate name was called and it was me. I was the first candidate in that batch, i went for doc verification.
they are checking following things:
1. Call letter with pic
2. Photo id proof as attached with the admit card
3. Printout of the form filled
4. Date of birth proof
5. All semester marksheets
6. Consolidated marksheet and degree
7. Other certificates

* one important thing is that they are considering the graduation date as written on the final semester mark-sheet. in have completed my in 2013. the date written on my final semester mark-sheet is 1/7/13 and on consolidated mark-sheet it is 25/7/13, thank god they are considering the result date. So candidate who are confused with graduation date must ensure that their final semester marksheet should be on or before 1.7.13 so i got my doc verified till 2.30 pm.

now my turn came at bout 3 pm after lunch. i was a bit nervous because I was the first one to be interviewed. I entered the room asking permission. there were 4 men, M1,M2,M3,M4 a circular arrangement, i have to sit in the middle of a circular table and there was a little space to enter in that circle. I said good morning to M1,M2 and M4 ( although it was afternoon then but i lost in nervousness. and M3 was busy on a call behind) they said good morning, please have a seat.
me- thank you sir

M2- so nikhil what you have done in your graduation>
me- sir, i have just completed my engineering.

M2- in which stream?
mw- in electronics & comm.

M2- so what have prepared for today?
me- sir, i met some bank managers and also read banking terms.

M2- so tell me what are development banks?
me- ....................confused,,,,,,,,,,,,, sir development bank are those which are there for the development of a particular sector. like

M2- IDBI is not a development bank, give me example?
me- yes sir now IDBI is not a development bank....but there is another bank which is there for the development of industries.................thinking a lot.........then I said yes sir NABARD is also a development bank for Agriculture sector.

M2- yes it is, tell me its work?
me- sir NABARD basically provide loans to primary land development banks and state land development banks, which gives loans to farmers.

M2- that is called work of refinance.
me- yes sir it is.

M2- what is financial inclusion?
me- sir financial inclusion is to provide sound and affordable banking services to each and every Indian citizen. specially to the weaker section and in the remote areas.

M2- is there any target group?
me- sir they are mainly focusing weaker section i mean BPL people, because of DBT

M2.....interrupting m asking the target means how many people or villages?
me- sorry sir that I don't know.

M2- ok tell me what are no frills accounts?
me- sir firstly i would like to tell you that RBI has issued guidelines to comm. banks to convert all no frills accounts in BSBDA.. M2 again what BSBDA...( i think he was not aware of that)
me- sir no frills accounts are now converted into BSBDA means basic saving bank deposit accounts. these are the accounts for small depositors and opened at zero balance. but limited services are
provided in these accounts.

M2- ok now tell me how your engineering relevant in banking?
me- sir i think banking is nothing but technology these days. ATM, mobile banking, Internet banking, cbs and many other have made banking synonyms with technology. so i think that being a technocrat it will be really comfortable for me to work in such a technical environment. moreover i can solve some technical issues.

M2- for that we have technical staff, you can just plug in or plug out a system, you are not allowed to do anything else in that. me- yes sir its true but i mean that i will have a strong hand over
other non tech graduates.

M2- yes, now that you can say.
me- yes sir

M2- what is your father?
me- sir my father is an officer in Rajasthan education services.

M2 now pointed to M1
( M1 was a retired army personnel, he was observing me throughout and writing something)

M1- You tel me what is our normal body temperature?
( i dint have any idea bout that so made a guess)
me- sir, i think it is 27 degree c

M1- oh,,no its not, you r a science student, you must aware of that. dint you suffered from fever ever?
me- yes sir i did but I never used thermometer anytime.

M1- thats ok. now he pointed to M3 to ask.
( right answer is 37 degree c or 98.6 degree f)

M3 asked all questions from banking like a rapid fire round, as i went
prepared for banking, answered all

M3- firstly tell me why you want to join banking?
me- sir i always wanted to do a job which will assure me with future growth and also stability and respect in society. And i think that bank is the most caring organisation, it takes care of its employees
in all aspects. i mean if you are working really, giving your best to your bank then the bank will definitely take care of u. so these are the things which attracted me towards banking services. But the think that
most attracted me is the fast and fair selection process and the neat and clean job. i mean there is no political interference in the selection process and you will have to work freely without any political
interference. that's why I am here today.
( all of them seemed satisfied)

M3- what is monetary policy? why it is declared?
me- sir by declaring monetary policy, RBI controls the market liquidity, it is declared 2 times a year and reviewed 4 times a year and the governor has the full authority to declare it anytime. it is
declared basically to change different rates and so as to control the liquidity.

M3- who is the present Governor?
me- Mr. Raghu Ram Govind Rajan

M3- tel me how many type of deposit accounts r there in banks?
me- sir 4 type of accounts r there- saving, current, fixed deposit and Recurring deposit

M3- what is the basic difference between saving and current account?
me- sir in saving account the transactions are limited, it is basically to encourage the habit of saving in people. and the current account is for businessmen and firms, in these accounts transactions
are not limited.

M3- tell me when was the first nationalization done? and why?
me- sir the first nationalization was done in 1969 and it is of 14 banks.. it was done by Mrs. Indra Gandhi in the favor of public. the government realized that the people went to avail banking services so in there faith the nationalization was done.

now m3 pointed to M4

M4- from where you are?
me- sir i m from Alwar, Rajasthan.

M4- tell me who is MP from Alwar?
me- sir Mr. Jitendra Singh.

M4- i think he is center minister also. do you know?
me- yes sir, he is center minister of state for youth affairs and sports and minister of state for defense also.

M4- ok Mr. nikhil you can leave now.

i said thanks to all and came out.

so that's it friends.
tip to you all: be generous and be confident. its nothing but like a conversation. just read banking, current happenings and bout u. the panel is very friendly and cooperative. thanks 4 reading my experience
and i m waiting for your comments.

My Analysis
Hi Nikhil, your English is really very bad. You were writing words like "u", "ur", it took me 30 minutes to proofread your mistakes. Please use "I" instead of "i" and "India" instead of "india" , respect our country and yourself. Writing over the internet is not an email chat, you should be serious here as thousands of people are going to read this and this will hurt the reputation of this blog. At least use auto-spell checker, some common spellings such as internet, Government. Governor, relevant (lot more) were wrong.  

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