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Time and Work - Shortcuts with examples (Video)

Today I am going to start free exam preparation series for all my readers. As I promised, everything will be free. 

If you want me to make more videos then subscribe me on YouTube here and share this video on Facebook. I will try to make more videos in next few weeks. I hope these videos will help candidates who just started their preparations and can't afford coaching. As many of you know that I provide free coaching to students in Ludhiana but right I am very busy with my new projects. So to avoid any hassle, I am uploading tutorials on YouTube. It's all free!!! No need to pay for DVD's. :)

In this video I solved all the problems related to Time and Work by efficiency method. To use this method you need to learn fractions upto 25. 

Read detailed Time and Work lesson here 

Above video is meant for beginners, if you think there is nothing new then it's not meant for you. I promise to make another video with advanced level questions.
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