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Newton’s Laws of Success

Published on Thursday, March 20, 2014
Newton was one of the greatest acumen in the field of science, he had given several theories and laws, among those laws, the ‘Laws of motion’ has its very unique place. The ‘laws of motion’ are universally accepted and none of the other scientific theory had ever challenged it, it is true for all objects. So it should be and must be true for our human life as well, if we apply those laws in our life.

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There are overall three laws of motion, and in order to get success we must apply those in our life as below

Newton’s First law of Success

Newton’s First law of motion states that the present status of any object will remain same unless and until any external forces is not applied, the object which is in rest state will be at rest , and the object in motion will keep on moving, if any external forces against it are not applied.
So this law is true for our human life as well, the present position or the status in society will be same, if we are not exerting any force in order to make it change.

Newton’s second law of Success

Newton’s second law of motion states that the force is directly proportional to the received acceleration , how so much the force is applied the amount of acceleration will be equivalent to it .

So if we apply this law in our life, as much amount of force, any individual is applying, he will get the same amount of ease in his life, his life will get same amount of acceleration in order to reach apex.

Newton’s third law of Success

Newton’s third law of motion states that each and every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Every action or karma done by human is bound to produce a reaction (result), the result is dependent upon action, if the action is good, it will produce a good result , and if the action is bad, it will produce a bad result.

In order to defense the above point, there is one example, One group of college dropout students like Bill Gates and Steve jobs and many more , with their good action produced companies called Microsoft and apple respectively as a reaction (result), and one group of school and college dropout students, who all did 16th Dec 2012 gang-rape as a action , received a bad reaction in their life.


Science says that ‘ Energy can neither be created and nor be destroyed’. All of the energy is already present in this universe, it just changes its form. So in order to accomplish any work, the equivalent amount of energy is already present in all of us, it is only required to realize it and change the form, from dormant state to active state.

How the same student who always feels lazy to study after 11 pm at night , will remain without any sleep for couple of days in front of examination, from where this energy is generated ; from inside only, who had generated ; the same lazy student. So if we start realizing the fact that i must have to do it , then there will be sudden change in your prospect of thinking and analyzing any situation in front of you.

I will end this article with a quote, always remember that ‘FOCUS makes a LOCUS of life’, wherever the focus will be, the locus point of our life will be there only.

Note- The exact wording of ‘Laws of motion’ is not copied and pasted from the book, but the meaning used is the same.

This article is written by Arvind and it's a part of "Article writing contest March". Participate here.

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