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Tricks to find Square Root and Cube Roots

Square Root and Cube Roots

# Division Method 

  • Step 1. Make Pair of digits of given number from left to right
  • Step 2. Pick first pair, like here 6 find the square which is equals to 6 or less than it.Like 2
  • Step 3. So Place it to in the section of Quotient as well as in the divisor.
  • Step 4: then  subtract from square of no which is equals to 6 or less than it with 6
  • Step 5. Now comes to second pair bring it down like here 40 ,double the quotient like 2 = 4 and write the result on the left of 240 .It is just like division.Now repeat From Step 2 until you got the remainder zero.  
Division Method

# Prime Factor Method


# Square Root of a Decimal Fraction

  • Step 1. Make the pair of integer part first.
  • Step 2. Now find whether the decimal part is odd or even if it is odd then make it odd by placing at the end of it zero. 
  • Now just find the square root by the division method as discussed above and don't forget to put the decimal point in the square root as the integer part is over.

# Method of Finding Cube Root of Perfect Cube

Cube Root of Perfect Cube

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