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How to Crack IBPS PO V - Topic wise Guide

Published on Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Hi readers,

IBPS PO is the most important exam for all of you. There are around 16,000-18,000 vacancies that too for PO level. This is the best opportunity to get into a PSU bank. IBPS PO has evolved from a
simple exam to 3 phases selection process. Number of candidates is increasing every year. Interesting fact is - Number of repeated candidates is also increasing. So level of competition is fierce now.

If you have just started your preparations, then I recommend you to get IBPS PO V Study Material Bundle.

Today I am sharing a full fledged guide on every topic to help to frame your strategy in the last month of preparation.  

Data Interpretation

Out of 35 question, at least 12-15 will be related to Data Interpretation. Only this chapter comprises 12-15% of the whole exam.

You need to practice all question types once. Your calculation will do the rest of the job. 
Multiplication technique video 

Time and Work

Time and Work is an important chapter for examination point of view. Pipes and cisters, Time and wages and Time and distance chapter are closely related to this chapter. There will be at least 3-4 questions from these chapters.

I have already shared Time and Work tricks..

Average, Ratio and Proportions

If you know maths tricks, you can solve questions from this chapter quickly.

Simple & Compound Interest and Profit & Loss

These are simple topics. I have already shared shortcuts for these chapters here :-


Simplification is an important chapter for Clerical cadre exams. Number system also comes under the preview of Simplification.

I have already shared standalone Simplification concepts PDF here

Time and Distance

You will find at least 1 question from this chapter. I made a detailed video lecture. Watch it :-


This chapter is trending now. I am expecting a Venn diagram question set.


This is not an important chapter for IBPS PO Preliminary exam but last year we saw two questions in the exam. Learn basic theorems of this chapter.


Seating arrangement

This is an important chapter from examination point of view. You will find at least one set of 5 questions.

There is a trend of Circular seating arrangement question sets with people seating facing inside and outside.


This is the easiest and marks rich chapter in reasoning. These types of questions takes less than half a minute to solve.

I have already shared Shortcut trick to solve Inequalities here.


According to me, Series questions test a candidate's patience. These type of questions asks you think logically, you need to think logically for few seconds.

Data sufficiency

This is my favorite topic. You don't need to find the exact answer. You need to find whether the available data in the question is sufficient to find the answer or not.

I have already uploaded a standalone free ebook for Data Sufficiency

Machine input-output

I find Machine Input Output as most time consuming part in Reasoning section. It's not difficult but it's time consuming. 

I have already shared a shortcut trick for Machine input output.


You will find at least 1 questions set from puzzles.

English language

Sentence rearrangement

According to me, this is the most time consuming section. Try to avoid this part. 

Reading paragraph

Reading comprehensions is the most important chapter from examination point of view. You will find at least 2 RCs in the exam. From last few years, difficulty of RCs changed drastically. Now you will find RCs from variety of topics.

Tips for RCs

  • Read variety of topics, don't just stick to newspapers.
  • Increase your reading speed.
  • Try to understand what writer is trying to convey.

Cloze test

This is the easiest part of English language section. Never skip this part. Unlike other chapters in English language, there is high probability of high accuracy. There is no specific and complete guide for this section. I recommend you to improve your vocabulary and read a grammar book. I have already shared free study guides for Grammar and Vocabulary :- 

Sentence correction

Read Grammar digest and Vocabulary list for this part.

I recommend you to take at least 5 tests before exam. Take online tests on Testpanda

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