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IBPS PO Mains - Banking Awareness Test (Part 2)

Published on Friday, October 23, 2015
banking test
Q1. A financial contract whose value depends on the values of one or more underlying assets or indices of assets value. This contract is known as:
a) Share
b) Debentures
c) IPO
d) Derivatives 
e) None of The Above

Q2. Which of the following is/are not the financial committee?
a) Public Accounts Committee 
b) Estimates Committee 
c) Committee on Public Undertaking
d) Committee on Private members, bills & resolutions 

1) Only A
2) Both B and C
3) Both C and D
4) Only D
5) None of The Above 

Q3. Which of the following is not a part of Direct Tax?
a) Corporate Tax
b) Fringe Benefit Tax
c) Entertainment Tax
d) Wealth Tax
e) None of The Above 

Q4. Gilt edge securities market, is the part of which of the following markets?
a) Capital Market
b) Money Market
c) Unorganized Market
d) Commodities Market
e) None of The Above 

Q5. The report of HDI (Human Development Index) every year is presented by UNDP (United Nation Development Program). The HDI is based on which pillars?
a) Poverty Level and Standard of Living 
b) Standard of Living, Literacy Rate and Life Expectancy 
c) Standard of Living and Literacy Rate
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above 

Q6. What is the meaning of call money market?
a) Money borrowed or lent for a day or over night
b) Money borrowed for more than 90 days
c) Money borrowed for more than one day but till 14 days
d) Money borrowed for more than one year
e) None of The Above
In call money market monetary transactions takes place for a single day only.
Q7. Many a times we read in newspaper that several companies are adopting FCCB's route to raise capital. FCCB stands for?
a) Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds 
b) Foreign Convertible Credit Bonds
c) Full Credit and Consortium Bureau 
d) Financial Cover and Consortium Bureau 
e) None of The Above 
FCCB is a type of convertible bond issued by a company in a different country in a currency other than domestic currency. 
Q8. Which amongst the following is illegal?
a) Insider Trading
b) Club Trading
c) Hedging
d) Amalgamation
e) Insider Trading and Club Trading 

Q9. Which of the following does not come under money market?
a) Repos
b) Call Money Option
c) Treasury Bills
d) Derivative Trading
e) None of The Above 

Q10. Full Form of TRIPS:
a) Trade Related Investment Property Rights
b) Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
c) Transfer Related Intentional Population Rights
d) Tariffs Related International Property Rights
e) None of The Above 

Q11. First Regional Rural Bank was established in India is:
a) Prathama Bank
b) Anyone Bank
c) Grameen Bank
d) Number One Bank
e) Ek Shubh Bank 

Q12. Which of the following are considered as Bretton Woods twins:
a) World Bank - ADB
b) World Economic Forum - IMF
d) IMF - World Bank
e) None of The Above 

Q13. Which among the following is not a form of currency:
a) Soft Currency
b) Hot Currency
c) Fiat Currency
d) Reserve Currency
e) None of The Above 

Q14. RTGS stands for:
a) Real Transfer Growth Settlement
b) Real Time Gross Settlement
c) Real Task Growth Supply
d) Real Transfer Gross Supply
e) None of The Above 

Q15. Full fomr of ASHA:
a) Acquired Synetrome Health Act
b) Arial Social Health Activists
c) Accredited Social Health Activists
d) Association of Social and Health Activists
e) None of The Above

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