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Vocabulary Bites Part 72 : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Sunday, September 24, 2017

1. Affable

    Definition: Easily approachable, friendly
    Usage: His warm and affable nature ensured that he was never short of friends.

2. Pertinent

    Definition: Appropriate to a particular situation
    Usage: Billy submitted a list of articles pertinent to his report.

3. Conceal

    Definition: To hide someone or something | prevent (something) from being known
    Usage: Diana couldn't conceal her envy of Dev's success.

4. Intimidate

    Definition: To frighten or threaten someone so that they will do what you want
    Usage: The petty thieves were intimidated into giving the details.

5. Undermine

    Definition: To make something, especially someone's confidence or authority, gradually weaker or less effective
    Usage: Never getting enough sleep undermined Elizabeth's health.

6. Invigorate

   Definition: To make someone feel healthy and full of energy
    Usage: He went running every morning because he found it invigorating.

7. Somber

      Definition: Dark in color
      Usage: We expected the movie to be light and cheerful but it was very somber and long instead.

8. Impoverish

    Definition: To make someone poor or to make something worse in quality
   Usage: Many countries in Africa impoverish their people causing an unproductive nation.

9. Amorphous

    Definition: Having no definite shape, form, or structure
    Usage: A dark strangely amorphous shadow filled the room.

10. Dearth

      Definition: A lack of something
      Usage: The campfire waned due to a dearth of available firewood.

11. Redundant

      Definition: Not needed or useful
      Usage: All systems in an airliner are designed with redundant backup systems in case of failure during a flight.

12. Congruous

      Definition: Corresponding or agreeing | suitable
      Usage: When performing his official duties the president must be dressed in clothes that are congruous with his high position.

13. Censure

      Definition: Strong criticism
      Usage: The newspapers were unanimous in their censure of the tax proposal.

14. Frail

     Definition: Having less than a normal amount of strength or force : very weak|easily damaged or destroyed
     Usage: She was so frail she could no longer walk without assistance.

15. Distort

      Definition: To change the shape, appearance, or sound of something so that it is strange or not clear | to twist or change facts, ideas, etc. so that they are no longer correct or true
      Usage: The heat causes the metal to distort.

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