Cloze Test - Important set for SBI Clerk

Directions :

In the following passage, there are blanks , each of which has been numbered. These numbers are given. Indicate the word which appropriately fills the blank.

A seasoned sleuth of the Delhi police had some years(1) privately made a prophetic (2) that
kidnapping for (3) would become the country's main problem for law enforcing (4) in the nineties. He had commented on getting disgusted with the (5) shown in dealing with them.

Kidnapping for ransom have now reached (6) proportions. Not only is the  capital  greatly affected but also the problem is almost out of (7) in the neighbouring towns of western U.P. The recent (8) of four  year old Varun Bajaj from outside his school in Ghaziabad  by gun (9) gangsters again exposed the police's inability to (10) with such cases.

1.  (a) before
(b) ago
(c) gone

2. (a) decree
(b) prophecy
(c) verdict
(d) statement

3. (a) money
(b) prize
(c) ransom
(d) popularity

4. (a) agencies
(c) areas
(d) officers

5. (a) outrage
(b) Indifference
(c) endeavour
(d) Strategy

6. (a) admirable
(b) annoying
(c) epidemic
(d) awkward

7. (a) handling 
(b) control
(c) measurement
(d) capacity

8. (a) catching
(b) capturing
(c) kidnapping
(d) hostage

9. (a) toting
(b) showing
(c) using

10. (a) come
(b) cope
(c) prevent
(d) handle

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