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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 19) - Learn New Words Easily

Published on Thursday, April 07, 2016

1. Unsightly

    Definition: Unpleasant or unattractive to look at.
    Usage: The duchess berated her gardener for the unsightly state of her famous gardens appearing neglected. 

2. Vaunted

    Definition: Spoken boastfully of.
    Usage: The much vaunted range of cars suffered a major setback when it hardly found any buyers in the Indian market. 

3. Vainglorious

    Definition: Exhibiting excessive vanity; feeling self-important.
    Usage: Her winning the pageant made her vainglorious and conceited ; she concluded her beauty would be the key to all future success. 

4. Vagrant

    Definition: One who wanders from place to place without permanent home or a means of liveliness.
    Usage: His vagrant lifestyle was a result of his father constantly moving from place to place in search of more lucrative vocations. 

5. Ultimatum

    Definition: Final warning.
    Usage: The millionaire gave his irresponsible son an ultimatum that he would be disinherited if he did not get serious in life. 

6. Feud

    Definition: An angry and bitter argument between two people or groups of people that continues over a long period of time.
    Usage: The feud between the two siblings aggravated their parents. 

7. Trollop

    Definition: Untidy, slovenly woman.
    Usage: With her perfect attire make up and manners she could hardly be called a trollop.

8. Unsullied

    Definition: Spotlessly clean and fresh.
    Usage: That the white table napkin remained unsullied till the evening with kids creating havoc all over spilling things is a miracle in itself. 

9. Upstart

    Definition: Young and insolent.
    Usage: The new recruit was an upstart and irritated most of the senior experienced officers with his thoughtless and unwarranted remarks. 

10. Unfledged

      Definition: Inexperienced or untried.
      Usage: Most companies are unwilling to hire unfledged trainees as that mean the added expenditure of training them and providing extra initial guidance. 

11. Trenchant

      Definition: Forceful and vigorous.
      Usage: Her trenchant manner of intimidating others rather than appealing to their generous sides ensured that she got her work done properly.. 

12. Tightwad

      Definition: A miserly person.
      Usage: He is such a tightwad that he will have stale bread for lunch rather than buy groceries or fruits. 

13. Tessellated

      Definition: Decorated with small pieces of coloured glass or stone together.
      Usage: Each of the tessellated designs was unique in that while it used bits of stone and glass and was beautiful in a different way from the others. 

14. Swill

      Definition: To drink something quickly and/or in large quantities.
      Usage:The party seemed to go on forever with guests refusing to stop their revelry and continuing to swill themselves. 

15. Acetic

      Definition: With the flavour of vinegar.
      Usage: Finding that the biscuits had an acetic taste the baker realised that he had used vinegar instead of vanilla essence.

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