Commonly Confused Words - Test

confused words


1. The world is fast  losing all ______.
a. principals
b. principles

2. The boy _______ at the woman whenever she comes near him.
a. stairs
b. stares

3. There are many _______ in this poem.
a. allusions
b. illusions

4. The teacher _______ the boy on his success.
a. complimented
b. complemented

5. Fish cannot ______ out of water.
a. breath
b. breathe

6. You should have listened to your father's _______.
a. advice
b. advise

7. The shop was opened _________ in the day.
a. latter
b. later

8. In this season, it will be difficult to acquire a ______ in a good hotel.
a. suite
b. suit

9. The commander should always try to boost the ______ of the soldiers.
 a. moral
b. morale

10. The intelligence agencies adopt various methods to ______ information.
a. illicit
b. clicit


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