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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (22.04.2016) - 1st Shift

Published on Friday, April 22, 2016

1) Who won Best Actor award in 88th Academy Awards?
Ans: Leonardo Di Caprio

2) The International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA) headquarters is located at?
Ans: Abu Dhabi.

3) Who won Arjun Award in kabaddi in 2015?
Ans: Manjeet Chiller

4) Among the following which is not a board game?
Ans: Bridge

5) First woman Indian, who won the gold medal in Asian awards?
Ans: Mary Kom

6) What is blue ray disc?
Ans: Storage device

7) Who is the first Indian to go into the space?
Ans: Rakesh sharma

8) Cricket World Cup is organised by?
Ans: International Cricket Council (ICC)

9) Gold is soluble in?
Ans: Aqua Regia

10) What is the Mukesh Ambani rank in world’s richest person?
Ans: 36

11) Lalitha babar belongs to which game?
Ans: Athletics

12) Malleable refers to?
Ans: ability of a metal to be hammered into thin sheets

13) Which Indian women badminton player won gold medal in Malaysia Masters Grand Prix?
Ans: PV Sindhu

14) Who formed the Asiatic Society of Bengal?
Ans: William Jones

15) What is formed due to presence of carotene in the milk of Indian cows?
Ans: Yellow colour

16) Virus is type of software that destroys mainly?
Ans: Data

17) The Bowl dance is popular in which state?
Ans: West Bengal

18) The air bubble shines in water due to?
Ans: Reflection

19) The cooling agent in a air condition is?
Ans: Freon

20)  Dronacharya award is given to which field of Sports?
Ans: Coach

More Questions will be added soon. Thanks.

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