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Static GK Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway - Part 18

Published on Friday, April 22, 2016
ssc gk
Ques 1.
Who is the founder of the organisation 'Red Cross'?
(a) Har Gobind Khurana
(b) Jean Henri Dunant
(c) Mother Teresa
(d) Jagdish Chandra Bose

Ques 2.
The Nobel Prize is given to persons with outstanding Contribution in which of the Following fields?
(a) Chemistry,Literature and peace
(b) Chemistry, Physics and Biology
(c) Physics, Mathematics and peace
(d) Biology, Economics and peace

Ques 3.
In the study of which of the following areas, the instrument of 'Serismograph' is used ?
(a) stars
(b) Rivers
(c) Earthquakes
(d) Volcanoes

Ques 4.
The Waterfall 'Victoria' is  associated with the river
(a) Zambeji
(b) Amazon
(c) St. Lawrence
(d) Missouri

Ques 5.
The Daing Business Report,an International publication ,is published every year by which of the following Organisation .
(a) WTO
(c) World Bank
(d) Reserve Bank of India

Ques 6.
Which of the following is measured on the Richter scale ?
(a) Density of liquids
(b) Magnitude of earthquakes
(c) Velocity of tornadoes
(d) Height of mountains

Ques 7.
Inside which of the following is a nucleus not found ?
(a) A human cell
(b) A plant cell
(c) An electric cell
(d) an atom

Ques 8.
W hich of the following natural calamities is not a type of storm ?
(a) Cyclone
(b) Earthquakes 
(c) Hurricane
(d) Tornado

Ques 9.
Leander paes is associated with which of the following ?
(a) Bridge
(b) Chess
(c) Tennis
(d) Snooker

Ques 10.
Which of the following days was observed world Health Day ?
(a) April 7
(b) June 5
(c) August 31
(d) September 8

Ques 11.
During a solar eclipse the phase of the moon is 
(a) Half moon
(b'0 full moon
(c) New moon
(d) First quarter

Ques 12.
Which of the following is the Countries /nations are referred to as 'Third World ' ?
(a) Countries which do not have any nuclear  programme
(b) Developing Countries
(c) Non-aligned nations
(d) Western Countries

Ques 13.
Which of the following games was first played in England in 1873?
(a) Badminton
(b) Billiards
(c) Cricket
(d) golf

Ques 14.
Which of the following is fundamentally the Rh factor ?
(a) A form of anaemia
(b) A hormonal reaction
(c) A vitamin deficiency
(d) An antigen- antibody reaction

Ques 15.
Which of the following chemical elements is essentially present in proteins ?
(a) Magnesium
(b) Nitrogen
(c) Phosphorus
(d) Sulphur

Ques 16.
Ice floats on water because the density of ice less than that of water. Out of the following what part of giant icebergs remain above water ?
(a) 1/10
(b) 1/4
(c) 1/2
(d) 3/4

Ques 17.
During the reign of which of the following emperors ,was India's First Currency note printed ?
(a) Akbar
(b) Humayun
(c) Sher Shah suri
(d) Samudra Gupta

Ques 18.
Which of the following can be the maximum gap between two sessions of parliament ?
(a) Three months
(b) Six months
(c) Nine months
(d) Twelve Months

Ques 19.
Ranji Trophy' is associated with the game of 
(a) Hockey
(b) Football
(c) cricket
(d) Badminton

Ques 20.
In which of the following States is 'raw silk' mainly produces ?
(A) Asom
(b) Karnataka
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Ques 21.
Mount Everest was successfully climbed for the first time in 
(a) 1948
(b) 1955
(c) 1957
(d) 1953

Ques 22.
Which of the following is the Halley's Comet visible in India?
(a) Every 56 years
(b) Every 66 years
(c) Every 76 years
(d) Every 86 years

Ques 23.
Who among the following Cricketers is the author of the novel titled Bonaventure of a flashing Blade ?
(a) Sir Garfield sobers
(b) Sunil Gavaskar
(c) Vivian Richards
(d) Zaheer Abbas


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