Idioms and Phrases : Used in Reading Comprehensions


Directions :-

Each of the following  idioms has four responses Mark the  responses which give the correct meaning of the idioms.

1. Alas the day
(a) glorious day
(b) Historical event
(c) unhappy day
(d) to be brisk

2. To break off
(a) To end a relationship
(b) To cut into pieces
(c)  to disappear
(d) to appear suddenly

3. Brush up
(a) To renew
(b) To remove the dust
(c) To wash with soap
(d)  To destroy

4. To dig at
(a) To dig the ground deep
(b) to praise
(c) to exaggerate
(d) to remark against

5. Join Battle
(A) to join the army
(b) to report for duty in the army camp after leave
(c) to begin fighting
(d) to clasp hands

6. In the  nick of time
(a) not bothering about time
(b) irregular
(c) just at the right moment
(d) to win or accomplish

7. Ninth part of a man
(a) Child
(b) tailor
(c) pygmy
(d) very poor

8. To lend an ear
(a) to ignore
(b) to criticize
(c) to watch carefully
(d) to hear

9.Man of letters
(a) who writes too many letters
(b) an important person
(c) a politician
(d) a literary person

10. Nigger in the woodpile
(a) to inhabit in forest
(b) a serious disease
(c) an honest person
(d) something that spoils a good thing


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