GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (28.04.2016) - 2nd Shift

1) Clouds float in the sky because of their ______.
Ans: Low Density 

2) Who among the following was a cofounder of Swaraj party?
Ans: Motilal Nehru

3) Real founder of Gupta dynasty?
Ans: Chandragupta 1 

4) Gautam Buddha’s first sermon?
Ans :Sarnath 

5) Godavari doesn’t pass through which if the following states?
Ans: Gujarat 

6) Science that deals with diseases particularly of men?
Ans: Andrology 

7) Google tied up with which watch company for smart watch ?
Ans: LVMH watch brand
8) IRC satellite for which purpose?
Ans: uses for voice and data communication channels 

9) Rakesh Sharma was going to which yan aboard ?
Ans: Soyuz T-11 

10) 1st CW game established in ______.
Ans: Hamilton, Canada 

11) What is output when methane gas is burnt?
Ans: Carbon Di Oxyde 

12) Which is World’s first cashless country?
Ans: Sweden 

13) Atom with the largest diameter________.
Ans: Antoine 

14) Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic in which year_______ .
Ans: 1928 

15) Alassane Ouattara is _____.
Ans: President of Ivory Coast 

16) Malaysian flag has how many lines between two symbols?
Ans: 14 

17) Worlds highly efficient CEO according to FORBES?
Ans: Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon 

18) IPCC full form is ______.
Ans: Intergovernmental Penal On Climate Change 

19) Which element in given options has highest atomic mass?
Ans: iodine 


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