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Difficult Puzzle - 8 for IBPS PO 2016

Published on Saturday, September 24, 2016
Ten persons are sitting in two parallel rows containing five persons each. In row 1, A, B , C, D and E are sitting and all of them are facing south. In row 2, P, Q, R, S and T are sitting and all of them are facing north. In the given seating arrangement, each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row. Moreover, each of them belongs to different cities — Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida, Cuttack, Bengalore, Cochin, Allahabad and Mumbai but not necessarily in the same order.

There are only two persons sitting between the person from Chennai, who sits at an extreme end, and E. P, who sits in the middle of the row, is not an immediate neighbour of Q, who is not from Mumbai. T is sitting at an extreme end. E, from Noida , sits on the immediate right of the person from Gurgaon and faces the immediate neighhour of Q. B is not sitting at the extreme left end. P is not from Allahabad. There is only one person between C and D, who is from Chennai. S, from Cuttack, is an immediate neighbour of the person from Mumbai and does not face the person from Hyderabad. R, who is from New Delhi, is an immediate neighbour of the person from Allahabad, who in turn faces the immediate neighbour of the person from Noida. There are two persons between the person from Bengalore and the person from Hyderabad. B is not from Bengalore. T is not from Cochin.

1. A belongs to which of the following cities?
1) Cochin 
2) Bengalore 
3) Hyderabad 
4) None of these 
5) Can't be determined

2. Who is from Cochin? 
1) R 
2) B 
3) T 
4) P 
5) Can't be determined

3. ‘Chennai’ is related to 'Bengalore' in a certain way, based on their seating positions. Then Mumbai is related to whom, following the same seating positions?
1) Cochin 
2) Allahabad 
3) Gurgaon 
4) Cuttack 
5) New Delhi

4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their seating positions and so form a group. Which of the following is different from the group?
1) Noida 
2) Bengalore 
3) Mumbai 
4) New Delhi 
5) Cuttack

5. Which of the following statements is/are definitely false?
1) B is from Hyderabad. 
2) There are two persons sitting between the person from cuttack and the person from Allahabad. 
3) The person from Gurgaon faces the person from Cochin 
4) The person who is from Allahabad sits opposite the person from Chennai. 
5) All are true

Answers and Solution :

1. (2) 

2. (4) 

3. (4)

4. (3)

5. (4)

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