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Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For IBPS PO: Day 8

Published on Monday, July 10, 2017
Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For IBPS PO: Day 8
In this article, we learn how we can improve our vocabulary easily by developing tricks. We make use of a technique known as ETYMOLOGY.

Review of Etymology:
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
Con With, together
Notus Well-Known or famous
Summus To sum up, highest or to complete
Corrigo To correct, set straight
Vetus Old
Senex Old
Genesis Birth, origin
Logos Science, study
In- Negative prefix
-al Pertaining to
-ic Pertaining to
Logy Study
-ity condition or quality of
-acy quality, state
-ist a person who practices, is expert in
-ness State of
-ate Cause or make
-tion act of, state of, result of
-an Native of, pertaining to

  • Ends with y = noun
  • Ends with ist = noun
  • Ends with ic = adjective
  • Ends with al = adjective or noun
  • Ends with ity, ty = noun
  • Ends with cy = noun
  • Ends with tion = noun
  • Ends with ness = noun
  • Ends with an = noun or adjective

Trick to learn words:

  • Wide and unfavourable reputation = notus (famous) + ity (condition or quality of) = notoriety 
  • Particle carried on the chromosome of a cell that transmits a characteristic from parent to offspring = genesis (origin) = gene 
  • To complete = con (together) + summus (to complete) + ate (make) = consummate 
  • Completion = con (together) + summus (to complete) + tion (result of) = consummation 
  • Inability to be reformed = in (negative) + corrigo (to correct) + ity (condition or quality of) = incorrigibility 
  • Science that deals with the transmission of characteristics from parents to children = genesis (origin) + ic (pertaining to) = genetics 
  • Student of a family roots or origin = genesis (origin) + logos (study) + ist (a person who practices) = genealogist 
  • Height of skill or artistry = con (together) + summus (highest) + acy (quality) or ness (state of) = consummacy or consummateness 
  • Quality of a habit that has been established over years = in (negative) + vetus (old) + acy (quality) = inveteracy 
  • A person long experienced at a profession, art or business = vetus (old) + an (pertaining to) = veteran 
  • Pertaining to the study of family origins = genesis (origin) + logos (study) + al (pertaining to) = genealogical

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